This Sunday

“Bringing in the May: Celebrating Beltane,” Selena Fox

Explore and experience old and new ways of celebrating flowering of Springtime and the Pagan Celtic Fire Festival of Beltane.

Rev. Selena Fox is Senior Minister of Circle Sanctuary, a rural church near Barneveld, Wisconsin, serving Nature Spirituality practitioners worldwide since 1974. Selena’s writings and photographs on … read more.



I joined UCN because I longed for a community of passionate people, that celebrated diversity of all types and worked to create a more just world for all. I have become much more engaged over the years because the people of UCN inspire me to greatness and Sunday morning feeds my soul, grounds me and energizes my spirit.

Growing up, it bothered me that I was ‘taught’ what to believe and told to memorize and recite those beliefs (Nicene Creed, etc.). It seemed such an inauthentic way to express a person’s deep spiritual beliefs. College exposure to world religions and philosophy reinforced those feelings. At UCN I found a place where I can question and explore freely in community with other seekers who are committed to ethical living.

"I have found in UCN, a church community that supports a moral lifestyle and explores a deeper meaning of faith while promoting diversity as a strength."