Leadership Board Minutes (approved)

9 May 2019

Unitarian Church North Leadership Board Minutes

Present: Joy Schroeder; Dean Johnson; Amber Elsner- Miller; Julie Zumach; Pat Mumm-Lovely; Peter Blain; Carol Pawlak (on behalf of the Social Justice Committee)

Absent: Brian Monroe; Leigh Hoftiezer; Ed Ahrenhoerster; Dan Lusk; Jackee Orozco


Call to Order/ Check In:  6:50

Open Forum:  None

Approval of June Minutes:  Approved.


Worship: Joy noted that the Committee has scheduled the Sundays Tony Larsen will preach, and that with other scheduled Sundays, the Committee only has 13 open Sundays to fill.  She also suggested that we follow the recommendations of Sarah Oelberg last Sunday, and make sure both the UCN members and Tony are clear on what tasks he will perform and which he will not.  Pete discussed the conversations which the Ministerial Subcommittee had with Tony and indicated that Tony wants to preach, and be available to members after each Sunday he preaches and one day a week.  He wants to work closely with the Worship Committee and has ideas for other speakers.  He also wants to be a resource to Jackee and has ideas about adult RE classes.  He has agreed to perform memorial services for members, but given, his part time status, the Pastoral Care Committee would still be the primary interface with members when needed.  He specifically indicated that he does not want to participate in other committees of the church, such as finance, and doesn’t want to be involved in the annual pledge drive.  We will be initially feeling our way, but Tony has been very flexible about working with us to meet our needs, Joy suggested that we consider another Barn Banter to make sure our members understand the scope of Tony’s commitment. Joy also reported that the Project Unspeakable is going forward on June 7, and Dean agreed to coordinate the set up.  Joy is waiting for promotional materials to advertise the event.


Social Justice:  Carol said the written report by Leigh reflected the Committee’s activities.


Finance: The Board noted the generous contribution of Mary Schleif for upgrading UCN’s lighting. Julie mentioned that UCN is required to report its annual contribution to the UUA/Southeast Wisconsin Unitarian Universalist Congregations, and to indicate that its budget makes it unable to contribute the suggested fair share.  Pete and Julie will work to file this statement.


Upon a motion made and seconded, the Board unanimously approved the Finance Committee’s proposal that $5,000 be moved to the Building Contingency Fund this fiscal year.


Treasurer’s Report: Amber discussed the Treasurer’s report.  Julie asked about unfilled pledges for this fiscal year, and Amber indicated that in the past, Nancy Neumann followed up with members regarding their outstanding pledges, where appropriate.  Upon a motion made and seconded, the Treasurer’s Report was unanimously approved.


Ministerial Contract: The draft Ministerial Contract was discussed.  Amber suggested that Section 4.3.1, regarding payment of Tony’s salary during Extended Medical Leave be revised to change “not less than 75% of Tony’s salary” to “75% of Tony’s Salary.”  She also suggested that we confirm Tony’s legal name.  After the discussion, on motion made and seconded, the Board unanimously approved sending the draft contract, as revised, to Tony for his review.


Security Subcommittee: Pete discussed the Security Subcommittee task list and indicated that the objective was to complete the physical modifications to the building and implement the plan by June 30.  He discussed the Subcommittee’s recommendation that the Security Plan as adopted by the Board be modified to provide that the front door, as well as the door to the parking lot, be locked ten minutes after the beginning of each service with the understanding that a Volunteer Observer be present in the West lobby to see people approaching the front door after that time.  The Board approved this change with the understanding that it may have to be revised with experience.


Pete said that the objective is to have a Barn Banter in mid-June to discuss the Security Plan in detail, coupled with a letter to members explaining the plan so that everyone is informed about its contents.  The first annual fire drill would be held at the end of June and Dean offered to take a Congregational photograph immediately thereafter, so as to make the drill less threatening.


Annual Meeting:  Pete reported that Tony will be introduced to the Congregation at the Annual Meeting and that he asked to speak for approximately ten minutes.  Pete said the objective was to have an abbreviated service and to have the service and the meeting last a total of approximately one hour.


New Business: None.


The next Board Meeting will be held June 17.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Peter Blain


Apr 18, 2019

Unitarian Church North Leadership Board Minutes

Present: Joy Schroeder; Dan Lusk; Dean Johnson; Amber Elsner- Miller; Peter Blain; Pat Mumm-Lovely; Ed Ahrenhoerster; Brian Monroe; Julie Zumach; Leigh Hoftiezer

Absent: Jackee Orozco

Call to Order/ Check In:  6:50

Open Forum: Joy talked about a play regarding political assassination wanting to perform at UCN the weekend of June 7-9. It was agreed Joy and Dean would do this as a project subject to checking on setup needs and Lyn Gust’s schedule for a wedding that weekend. This was approved unanimously.

Approval of March Minutes:  Approved as presented

Mark Ludwig presented a draft of the security plan. Adjustments were suggested of announcing the fire drill. Approved unanimously. Subcommittee will continue working on the final plan.

RE: none due to Jackee’s absence

Worship: Services are going well. The committee will discuss who among previous speakers we want back. Tony Larsen met with the committee via phone and built his service schedule for the year. The committee put out a request for cantors and/or “strong singers” and got four people who are interested; they will follow up with them.

Membership: Membership is around 135. Dan is going to write a reference manual for the committee going forward.

Social Justice: Proposed an opt-in email list for social justice activities on short notice. Approved unanimously.

Finance: With pledge drive complete we have 101 pledges in. 33 increased, 18 decreased, 10 did not renew their pledge. A few may still. The budget is going well.

Treasurer’s Report was approved unanimously. The $1,000 AT&T bill was fixed.

Budget for 2019-20 was approved unanimously as presented.

Ministerial Search Committee: A term sheet has been agreed upon with Tony Larsen. This will get turned into a contract once the district makes the standard contract template available, which should be in the next week or two. Tony’s office will get set up after the auction. Ed will email Tony about what is needed. Ed will also email Tony about whether he wants a hotel for the weekend of May 18-19, as Tony will be coming to both the auction and the annual meeting.

Nominating Committee presented a slate of candidates for election at the annual meeting. Slate was approved unanimously as presented.

A report from the Mid-America conference was presented.

The next Board Meeting will be held May 9.

No new business.

Meeting adjourned at 8:11 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Ed Ahrenhoerster


March 7, 2019

Unitarian Church North Leadership Board Minutes

Present: Joy Schroeder; Dan Lusk; Dean Johnson; Peter Blain; Pat Mumm-Lovely;; Brian Monroe; Julie Zumach; Leigh Hoftiezer, Jackee Orozco, Amber Elsner- Miller

Absent:, Ed Ahrenhoerster


Call to Order/ Check In:  6:47

Open Forum: none

Approval of January Minutes:  Moved and approved


RE: Jackee

  • Committee meeting next weekend
  • Goals for the upcoming year:
    • Trying to establish a quiet place for the older youth
    • Meet youth from other congregations
    • Get the youth more involved in UCN
    • Committee members need to reach out to youth a little more to get them involved.
    • Boost the youth program through more money in the RE budget
    • Hold summer camp in August; sent suggestions to people for ideas
    • Would like money for leadership schools if possible; priority is minister
  • Other congregations main concern is growing the membership
  • Coming of Age service: requested to move date
  • Meagan Smith eager to establish a dynamic youth program
  • Can youth be involved in Saturday film series? Will try to notify them through Instagram.

Membership: Dan

  • At last count, 136 registered members. Waiting to see pledge drive results for update.
  • Darlene Lochbihler signed the membership book. Need to get personal info from her.
  • BYOT sessions have brought new members to UCN
  • Dan, Brian, and Bob Bledsoe to attend the Mid-America Region UU Assembly in St. Louis the first weekend in April
  • New to UU classes are scheduled for March 31 and April 14. Board members are asked to schedule a drop-in for one of the dates to discuss the role of their committee.

Social Justice: Leigh

  • On February 10 Lucy Friedrichs, Jan Crosby and Leigh Hoftiezer met with other SEWUUC members who were highly interested in the collaboration the churches are forming to support Black Lives Matter. Greater communication among the churches is key as we strive to work together.  In addition, a panel of people of color who are UUs discussed what it has been like for them as a minority in a predominately white congregation.
  • More nominations are needed for Share the Plate from the congregation.
  • “Bridge the Divide” multi-cultural film series will have representatives from the cultures depicted to provide a talk back session afterward. The final dates are March 9, 16, 30 and April 13, and all films begin at 9:30 a.m.  Free childcare for younger children will also be provided downstairs.  More information is on UCN’s website, Facebook, and flyers posted in the building.

Support from Board members will be most welcome!  We need greeters, people directing traffic (foot and car), set up, and treats.

  • One nomination was received and approved by the committee for the Fund for Social Justice. It will be submitted for congregational vote at the Annual Meeting.
  • Sherryl Andrus joined the committee last month.


Worship: Joy

  • Services are going well. The calendar is full through July and August.
  • Of the five services since the previous Board meeting (January), all were done by different speakers:
    • The Bartons
    • Gari Green in conjunction with Pledge Sunday
    • Tony Larsen (need we say more?)
    • Philip Chard
    • Joe Jackson

All five services went well with the theme of “trust”.

  • Services are going well. The calendar is full through July and August.
  • Tony Larsen is scheduled for two services a month for July and August. Sarah Oelberg has offered continued support and advice on programming.
  • Linda and Poul Sandersen have offered to perform some of the music during worship services. This will be coordinated with the speakers and worship assistants.
  • Britney, our pianist, continues to be flexible with late notices of hymn selections and is doing a great job. She still needs as much notice as possible in order to rehearse.
  • Speaking of hymns, it was suggested by some of the Board members to only sing a few verses of the longer hymns. Trying to find a cantor, but no offers as of this meeting.
  • Some Board members also suggested that the Meet N Greet session be shortened.


Finance:  Julie

  • Behind on receiving pledges.
  • Overall, Total revenue is $6572 under budget. YTD revenue is $35,215 over budget.
  • Total expenses were $2316 under budget. YTD expenses are $$117,366 vs. a budget of $123,970.
  • Expenses seem to be lower the last two months.
  • YTD we have a positive income of $41,818 prior to principle payments.
  • SCRIP buying is up.
  • Treasurer’s Report was approved unanimously.


Building Committee: Dan, Dean

  • Sanctuary lighting to be improved with the help of new member George Scifflet, a retired electrical engineer
  • Dean Johnson purchased some security equipment for installation.
  • 9 Building Committee work day: Repaired and in some cases, reupholstered folding chairs.
  • Next work day is May 4.


Pledge Campaign:  Julie

  • Less than 50% of pledges have been received.
  • Causes trouble meeting deadlines
  • Nancy N. reminded steward to secure their assignments.
  • Pat to make announcement as Sunday service.


Ministerial Search Committee:

  • Put together a draft offer and gave to Tony Larsen.
  • Can’t really make a dollar offer until the budget is set.
  • Tony seems to be very accommodating.
  • Will meet with Tony again in the near future to define duties and responsibilities.
  • May not have other applicants until later in the year.


Nominating Committee:  Ed A. via Peter

  • All people currently in leadership positions have been contacted to see if they are interested in continuing or if we need to find a replacement
  • 9 are continuing (two at large trustees, Finance, Membership, Nominating #1, Social Justice, Building, Pastoral Care, Personnel)
  • 8 need to be replaced, or are currently open (Nominating #2, 3 and 4, President-Elect, Worship, Financial Secretary, Green, Youth RE)
  • 2 are willing to continue if need be but would like a replacement if possible (Treasurer, Communications)
  • 2 haven’t been heard from yet (Historian, Landscape)
  • We need to build up the rest of our committee – so far it is just Mark Ludwig and Ed Ahrenhoerster.
  • Once we have some people for a meeting, we can do so and work on a list of possible replacements. A couple of committees have already suggested people.


Security Subcommittee:  Peter

  • Dean Johnson did a “show and tell” of the cameras he plans to install on the building exterior.
  • The subcommittee will convene on March 21 to discuss future plans and work toward determining a cost of security equipment.


New Business

UUAMP: Brian Monroe

·       The UU Association of Membership Professionals (UUAMP) will be hosting a workshop at UU First Society, Milwaukee, May 1 and 2.  Cost is $200 per person.  The Mission of UUAMP is to develop and support the ministry of membership through professional development and collaboration.


Wedding Reception re Lyn Gust’s Daughter:

·       Alcohol consumption is the issue regarding using our property and what our insurance and by-laws say.

·       Current guidelines seem to say “no alcohol consumption”.  An amendment is required to prevent drinking in our parking lot.

·       Pete will amend the by-laws to address this issue.

  • Brian Bunzel to check with our insurance and that of the party host.
  • It was recommended to erect signs with “NO BOOZE BEYOND THIS POINT” and place at exits from the playground and back yard areas.

The next Board Meeting will be held April 18th.


Meeting adjourned at 8:28 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Dan Lusk, subbing for the absent Ed Ahrenhoerster


January 24, 2019

Unitarian Church North Leadership Board Minutes 

Present: Joy Schroeder; Dan Lusk; Dean Johnson; Peter Blain; Pat Mumm-Lovely; Ed Ahrenhoerster; Brian Monroe; Julie Zumach; Leigh Hoftiezer

Absent: Jackee Orozco, Amber Elsner-Miller


Call to Order/ Check In:  6:48


Open Forum: none

Approval of September Minutes:  Moved and approved


RE: Jackee

  • Lots of kids lately with visitors and members; trying to have them downstairs depending on children’s stories during the service
  • Multi-age, OWL (ending in May), COA (ending June), nursery still coming along OK
  • Working on keeping teens engaged
  • August camp dates are being considered
  • OWL teachers met to discuss progress; some adults have expressed interest in discussing harassment of non-heterosexual youth; would also like more discussion on other topics such as communication
  • Building Your Own Theology (BYOT) starts this Monday; five people so far; this is the second part of two parts that builds on part one; $20 per person to cover materials; 6:00-8:00 PM
  • Constance expressed concern over the condition of the nursery and its contents not being taken care of and the room in disarray


Membership: Dan

  • Inducted six new members Sunday, January 20
  • Still need more volunteers on Sunday mornings
  • Will continue to hold New to UU classes in the spring and fall
  • Will submit an increased budget tomorrow for future seminars/conferences on building and keeping members


Social Justice: Leigh

  • Screening of the film “This Is Home” will be this Sunday immediately after the service; a light lunch to be served
  • UUA Statement of Conscience on Democracy Uncorrupted: all “YES” votes so far; need member comments by January 30; Board voted unanimously to send our input
  • Wisconsin UU Social Action Network (WUUSAN): Vince Senski will be our rep for this organization; the organization will help us focus on social justice efforts in our area
  • Black History Month: During the month of February, posters from Paul H. Geenen’s historical compilation “Milwaukee Bronzeville 1900-1950” will be displayed in the sanctuary. On February 10, the author will be here to discuss his work in a Barn Banter after the service.
  • Bridge the Divide: UCN has signed on as an in-kind contributor, providing use of the sanctuary up to four times to show films made by people of color. The WI Humanities Council will decide whether to approve the grant proposal Feb. 15 or later.


Worship: Joy

  • Services are going well. The calendar is full through June other than Feb 3.
  • Of the seven services since the previous Board meeting (12/13/18), two sermons were provided by our ‘regular reverend’ Tony Larsen. Well done, of course.
  • Three speakers were new or returning for only the second time: David Liners, Janis Kinens, and Daniel Maguire. All were well received.
  • Two seasonal services: Children’s Winter Solstice Pageant and the All Souls Café. Both were very entertaining.
  • Scheduling: Speakers and/or topics are now scheduled through the end of June, and Worship Assistants are confirmed through the end of March.
  • Music: We celebrated Anna Brinck’s huge musical contribution to UCN at her last service. The UCN String Ensemble made its debut at the Pageant service, with a glorious return performance at the Café.
  • Related issues/topics: 1) Playing an MP4 video file remains a work in progress; 2) We will need to replace the Worship Committee chair.


Building Committee: Dan, Dean

  • Parking lot repair money needed for this summer
  • Sanctuary lighting to be improved with the help of new member George Scifflet, a retired electrical engineer
  • Building Committee work day scheduled for Feb. 9.


Finance:  Julie

  • Looking good financially with lots of pre-paid pledges
  • Pledge drive is in progress with steward assignments made.
  • Treasurer’s Report was approved unanimously.


Security Subcommittee:  Peter

  • Proposed recommendations read and approved
  • Suggested putting an alarm on the door to the playground


Ministerial Search Committee:

  • Met with Tony Larsen who is willing to sign a contract as interim minister.
  • Would start as IM in July of this year; tentatively would work 80 hours/month
  • Board approved continued discussion with Tony


Other issues: Peter

Jean Woodmansee, in absentia, submitted suggestions/requests:

  • Change the format for the Annual Meeting due to the struggle of reaching a quorum. Skip the regular service on the day of the meeting and serve a little food to reduce the time spent at church.
  • Reschedule new member service to September.
  • Bring back the Unsung UU Award that is granted to a person who worked behind the scenes and provided services above and beyond.


The next Board Meeting will be held March 7th.


Meeting adjourned at 8:33 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Dan Lusk, subbing for the absent Ed Ahrenhoerster


Dec 13, 2018

Unitarian Church North Leadership Board Minutes


Present: Joy Schroeder; Dan Lusk; Dean Johnson; Amber Elsner- Miller; Peter Blain; Pat Mumm-Lovely; Ed Ahrenhoerster; Brian Monroe; Julie Zumach; Leigh Hoftiezer

Absent: Jackee Orozco


Call to Order/ Check In:  6:48

Open Forum: none

Approval of September Minutes:  Approved with correction of Jennifer Wilke attending, and spelling of John Cabiniss’s name


RE: none due to Jackee’s absence


Worship: Services are going well. The calendar is full through June other than Feb 3. Anna’s last day is Dec 24. There is a collection for a gift for her. The committee is working on issues with the PC and projector, and are reviewing speaker fees to see if they need updating.


Membership: New to UU class went well, six new members are joining. New member recognition will be January 20.


Social Justice: There is discussion about joining the WI UU Social Action Network, a group coordinating churches on social issues, keeping them informed and taking joint actions. A new member is interested in doing this; Social Justice wanted guidance on whether it was ok to have a new member in this position, and whether they needed a mentor. The general consensus was it was ok with some guidance from the committee.


Treasurer’s Report was approved unanimously.


Daycare Lease:  This is looking less likely.


Ministerial Search Committee: The committee met Nov 14 and divided up sections of the application. We will meet again in December to put everything together on the UUA website. Megan and Lauren met with a number of members to get their input on the hiring process and decision. Megan also met with Jackee to get her input on how she would like to work with a minister.


Building Committee: Talked about the need for a parking lot fund over the next few years to cover significant repair costs that will be needed eventually. The question was raised whether the existing building fund could be used to cover part or all of that. Building will discuss this further.


Pledge Campaign: All board members were asked to help with canvassing if they could. Steward training date still needs to be set.


Security Subcommittee: Met with a Mequon police officer who shared advice and walked through the building with them. Suggestions included a camera system connected to phones, and a safe room.


UUA Policy Statement: The UUA wants a vote from UCN on a policy statement by Feb 1. Peter will get the statement out to the Board.


The next Board Meeting will be held January 24.


Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Ed Ahrenhoerster


Sep 20, 2018

Unitarian Church North Leadership Board Minutes


Present: Joy Schroeder; Dan Lusk; Dean Johnson; Amber Elsner- Miller; Peter Blain; Pat Mumm-Lovely; Ed Ahrenhoerster; Leigh Hoftiezer; Jackee Orozco


Absent: Brian Monroe; Julie Zumach


Call to Order/ Check In:  6:47

Open Forum:  None

Approval of August Minutes:  Approved with correction of spelling of Leigh’s last name


RE: Jackee discussed some upcoming activities for youth RE, including a discussion with holocaust survivors on 9/30 and Dances of Universal Peace on 10/12. There are 20 youth registered so far, expecting this to be in the high 20s soon. We will offer a “punch card” for people who want to use a pay as you go system. In Adult RE, John Hoff and Jackee are working on Build Your Own Theology 2, there will be a workshop 11/4 by Anna Benton on home funerals and natural burial, and Karen Van Hoof has proposed a workshop called The Conversation Project about discussions with parents on what they want as they get older. The new RE Committee has been formed and had their first meeting.


Worship: Attendance was good in the summer. Schedule for the church year is close to full. The committee has handled to cancellations recently, which went well. Gil Church has requested to preach, this is a sensitive issue given our history with him. Worship is balancing putting services on YouTube with maintaining privacy for members and visitors. Dean Johnson is working on this.


Membership: Our next New To UU classes will be 11/4 and 11/11. Membership raised the idea of a “Committee Sunday” in the Fellowship Hall for new (and current) members to learn about various committees. In the past this has not been successful. Peter proposed that committees could get a 60 second “commercial” during service to talk about what they do. Dan will think further on this.


Social Justice: Considering having a pot luck sometime in November to support MICAH as part of their 30th anniversary. Working on a policy for how groups are chosen for our Share The Plate program.


Daycare Lease:  Nothing new to report.


Ministerial Search Committee: The committee had a conference call with Sharon Dittmar from the MidAmerica region on Sep 18. A barn banter will be held Sep 30 to get congregational feedback, and a short summary will be given to the congregation of what we know so far. We went over types of information we will need to collect. We discussed working on a mission statement but decided that was beyond our mandate. Next meeting will be Oct 3.


Mequon Police 911 Incident: Peter followed up with the police department, and they were polite and acknowledged the call may not have been from UCN. The police followed up with Jackee, she felt they listened well. Overall we are satisfied with how the police department handled the followup.


UCN As Polling Place: UCN will be a polling place for Mequon for elections on Nov 6. They will need the Fellowship Hall for setup Monday, voting Tuesday, and take down Wednesday. All signs with any possible political connection (such as Black Lives Matter) must be taken down for these three days. Dan Lusk is working with the city on details.


New Business:

  • There will be no barn dance this year, not enough time to put it together.
  • Building Committee is working on quotes for parking lot work.


The next Board Meeting will be held November 1.


Meeting adjourned at 8:27 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Ed Ahrenhoerster


9 August 2018

Unitarian Church North Leadership Board



Present: Joy Schroeder; Dan Lusk; Dean Johnson; Amber Elsner- Miller; Peter Blain


Absent: Brian Monroe; Leigh Hoftiezer; Pat Mumm-Lovely; Julie Zumach; Ed Ahrenhoerster Jackee Orozco


Call to Order/ Check In:  6:45


Open Forum:  None


Approval of June Minutes:  Approved.


Worship: Joy noted that the Committee desires to acquire a new computer for approximately $400, which amount is in the budget.  She will coordinate the purchase with Finance.  Joy said that the Committee is also planning on having the piano tuned, perhaps using the same firm that tunes the piano for the Singers Songwriters event.  Joy said that Anna Brinck is planning on leaving by Fall, and she has encouraged Brittany Freeman-Farr to explore applying for the position.  Brittany performed at the 7/1 service and is planning to do so again on 8/19.  Thereafter, the Worship Committee will make a recommendation to the Board about whtehr or not to retain her.  Finally, Joy said that she intended to ask Megan Smith to run this year’s Fruit and Nut sale.


Building Committee:  Dan reported that the plumber who recently provided service recommended that UCN consider replacing its two air conditioning units at a cost of $8,000, and also recommended that we may want to replace the furnace at the same time.  The cost of each service visit is $300.  Brian Bunzel is exploring this issue further.


Daycare Lease:  Dan reported that the tenant is waiting for final state approval and is still committed to proceed.  Given the lateness of approval, they may proceed without the planned re-carpeting and painting.


Ministerial Search Committee: Ed confirmed that the Committee members include himself, Brian Monroe, Megan Smith, Lauren Sara and Pete Blain.  The Committee is scheduled to meet on August 15.  Joy suggested that in addition to soliciting congregational feed-back on the desired qualities of a minister, the committee determine the best method to solicit views about Rev. Julie’s departure either in group or individual sessions, both to bring closure to the issue and to be able to respond to questions from ministerial candidates about the reasons for her departure.  Jackee Orozco met with Pete earlier in the week to discuss her recent leadership training and indicated that a lot of time was spent on congregational mission statements, which should define why a congregation is unique (as opposed to its vision of what it is).  It was suggested that the Ministerial Search Committee determine whether revisiting our mission statement is a good idea, as it may be important to ministerial candidates.


New Business: Jackee met with Pete earlier in the week and advised that on August 6, a Mequon police officer responded to a 911 call which appeared to emanate from UCN.  The only people in the building were Jackee, 12 students aged 4 to 12, several parents and a performer who was going to read to the children.  The only person with a cell phone was the 12 year old and it was verified that his phone was not used to make the call.  Despite Jackee’s confirmation that no call was made, the officer aggressively kept insisting that it was, upsetting the parents and causing Jackee to ask the officer to be more respectful.  Pete will draft a letter to the Mequon Chief of Police informing him of the incident and circulate it to the Jackee and the Board.


Joy suggested that a notice be included in the Northliner several weeks before each board meeting advising members of the date of the meeting and indicating that the meetings are open to all members and that members can use the open forum portion of the meeting to discuss issues of interest to them.


Jackee reported that she gained valuable insights during her summer training regarding running committee meetings effectively, and offered to prepare a workshop for committee chairs to share what she had learned.  The Board agreed to ask Jackee to proceed with developing the workshop.


The next Board Meeting will be held September 20.


Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Peter Blain


29 June 2018

Unitarian Church North Leadership Board


Present:   Joy Schroeder, Chuck Winter, Gerry Schmitz, Dan Lusk, Ed Ahrenhoerster, Peter Blain, Paul Gasser, Brian Monroe, Leigh Hoftiezer

Absent: Jackee Orozco, Katie Egan-Bruhy, Bob Prestby

Guests:  Dean Johnson

Call to order / Opening words / check in:  6:45 pm


Open Forum: none


Approval of May Minutes:  Accepted as presented. 1. Leigh / 2. Brian.


Committee Reports:


Communications – There will be a new piece of artwork commissioned by the communications committee unveiled on July 22. The artwork will be a painting of a UU chalice and the two rings.


Membership – As submitted.


Social Justice – As submitted. Dr. Mirza from the Islamic Society of Sheboygan will be pulpit guest on July 8. Leigh is trying to solicit for food for the event (no pork). Brian suggested that promotion of his appearance be promoted through local external communication. Nominations are being sought by the committee for “Share The Plate” from the congregation at large. Joy asked if the movie “Making a Killing” has been screened yet. Leigh said it has not, but a link may be provided to the congregation at large.


Worship – As submitted

Personnel – Committee completed annual review of Constance’s performance. Process went well.

Finance – Brian said that the committee would like flexibility from the board to re-invest $100,000 restricted use funds (item #1100 on the balance ledger) currently in a money market fund into a higher interest-bearing CD. After discussion, the following proposal was offered by Brian: “Move to permit the Finance Committee to remove $100,000 from existing money market account (#1100) and buy up to a 15-month CD at a higher interest rate”. This motion was seconded by Dan Lusk and passed by voice vote without dissent or abstention.


Leigh asked Brian about the endowment fund and what those funds were being used for. Given the absence of the treasurer or finance chair this question was tabled for a future meeting.


Other items submitted by finance committee were not discussed.


Schedule of Board Meetings – Peter presented a schedule of board meeting dates via email to next year’s board members. The board meetings are planned as follows:

August 9, September 20, November 1, December 13, January 24

March 7, April 18, May 9, June 20


Formation of Ministerial Hiring subcommittee


Ed led discussion regarding ministerial search committee. Discussion included the purpose, scope, size, and staffing of the committee. The establishment of the committee consists of two parts: (1) identification of the purpose and scope of the committee, and (2) the staffing of the committee. After discussion the following motion was summarized and proposed by Chuck:


“Move that the Ministerial Hiring Subcommittee be responsible for (1) establishing the duties for a non-settled minister, (2) complete paperwork associated with hiring of a non-settled minister in conjunction with MidAmerica Region of the UUA, soliciting and collecting congregational feedback regarding desired attributes of an ideal candidate, conduct the interview process, and report to leadership board at every leadership board meeting, with additional reporting as necessary.” This motion was seconded by Peter, and passed on voice vote without dissent or abstention.


Ed and Peter will be working to solicit members from the congregation and will make a recommendation for staffing of the subcommittee at the next leadership board meeting.


Other Items

Debt Reduction Campaign – Ed notified the board that Rob Powell declined further involvement with evaluating feasibility of a debt reduction campaign citing personal time constraints. Ed said that this item is tabled indefinitely.


Day Care Tenant – Dan said the prospective day care tenant is still interested but is on hold awaiting approval of permits associated with starting their business.



Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Chuck Winter


3 May 2018

Unitarian Church North Leadership Board Minutes


Present: Joy Schroeder; Dan Lusk; Ed Ahrenhoerster; Katie Egan-Bruhy; Bob Prestby; Brian Monroe; Leigh Hoftiezer; Peter Blain

Absent: Gerry Schmitz; Paul Gasser; Chuck Winter: Jackee Orozco

Guests: Dean Johnson


Call to Order/ Check In:  6:45

Open Forum:  None

Approval of April Minutes:  Approved.


Worship: Joy noted that the April meeting of the committee was cancelled because of snow and that the next meeting would be held on May 9.  The cancellation of the recent service, also due to snow, was done after consultation with a number of people with the decision made by majority consensus. The Sunday services have been very good.  The committee is requesting suggestions for service topics and speakers for the month of August.  Amanda Seligman has agreed to speak on one of seven UU principles.  The committee needs three more worship assistants for the remainder of this church year, and has begun to schedule services into the next church year.  Jackee is looking for volunteers to attend the May 12 Story, Song and Spirit UU workshop on creating Services for All Ages at UU Quad Cities.


Social Justice:  Leigh said that the committee was waiting to hear from Dr. Mansoor Minza, of the Islamic Society of Sheboygan, regarding a summer service. The committee is gathering information from Olympia Brown in Racine regarding its experience as a Sanctuary Church. The League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County was this year’s nominee for the Fund for Social Justice to be awarded at the Annual Meeting.  Also discussed was the plan to pre-screen the film “Making a Killing: Guns, Greed and the NRA” which was produced by Brave Heart Films.  The committee would consider showing the film and encouraging a discussion of both sides of the issue.  The committee is also considering showing a film about the closure of the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility, which was designed for a population for 800 and currently holds 1,400 inmates. Anna Booth will become the new chairperson of the Welcoming Congregation subcommittee.


 Membership: Brian reported that there have been a number of visitors to the church, but not all of them have come to the Visitors’ Table.  There are nine persons attending the New to UU session.  New Member recognition will be held at the May 20 service. The committee is looking for a volunteer to spearhead the effort to create a pictoral directory, using a cloud based system developed by Church.IQ.  The committee continues to seek volunteers to act as greeters, ushers and to staff the Visitors’ Table.



Financial Statements/Treasurer’s Report:  Bob reported that income is currently $37,028 over budget and the fiscal year should be a positive one from a net income basis, excluding any income from the upcoming auction. Positive income for the year is $56,472, prior to principal payments.


Katie discussed the proposed budget, and the decision to place an additional $5,000 in the Building Contingency Fund.  Ed reported that Gerry had withdrawn his suggestion that this amount be placed into a Board Discretionary Fund.  Katie said that any surplus amounts from this Fiscal Year would be addressed by the Finance Committee.  The contribution to the UUA will be increased to $2,000.  Contributions of less than the UUA suggested “Fair Share” results in fees for consultants, etc. to be billed at a higher rate.


The Budget was approved for presentation at the Annual Meeting in May.


Personnel:  Pete reported that Mark Bruhy, Ed and Pete completed performance reviews for Lyn Gust and Jackee; and that Mark, Pete and Jackee, plan on completing Constance’s review on May 6.


Bylaws Subcommittee:  Pete discussed the proposed amended Bylaws, which were further amended to reflect comments made at the April 29 Barn Banter.


The amended Bylaws were approved for presentation at the Annual Meeting in May.  Pete agreed to prepare a short narrative summary of the proposed revisions to be included with the Annual Meeting materials sent to members in advance of the meeting.


Nominating Committee.  Ed reported that the following were nominated:

President Elect:                                  Brian Monroe

Treasurer:                                           Amber Elsner-Miller

Membership Committee Chair:         Dan Lusk

Finance Committee Chair:                 Julie Zumach

Trustee:                                               Dean Johnson


Ed said that Paul Gasser was in discussions to fill the second open Trustee position.


The Board approved the foregoing slate to be presented to the members at the Annual meeting in May.


Annual Meeting Agenda:  The Annual Meeting agenda was approved.


Daycare Lease:  Dan reported that the tenant is waiting for final state approval and is still committed to proceed.  The selected director of the daycare relocated to New Jersey and the owners have retained another party.  Katie inquired about the impact of the late start on the daycare student census and noted the need to modify the proposed contract to reflect realistic dates for the increased rent currently reflected in the contract.  Dan said that Family Promise will not be adversely impacted by the daycare, but that current tenants are waiting to determine the impact of the daycare on their space.


Debt Reduction Campaign:  Ed said he was still waiting to speak with Rob Powell on this topic.


New Business: Joy suggested that a process be created to solicit input on the reasons for Rev. Julie’s departure to be able to adequately explain the circumstances to ministerial candidates.  Joy said perhaps a facilitator could be retained to assist with this process.  There was a discussion about how the process might affect new members and whether the process might resurrect old wounds.  Leigh thought that a process would be helpful to bring closure to some members, but that it might be better done in a small group with members who had held strong feelings about Rev. Julie and the decision to terminate her.  It was decided to include this topic in the Board’s discussion about the process to retain a new minister at the June meeting.


The next Board Meeting will be held in June, and the Annual Meeting will be held on May 20.


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Peter Blain


5 April 2018

Unitarian Church North Leadership Board



Present: Gerry Schmitz; Dan Lusk; Ed Ahrenhoerster; Jackee Orozco; Katie Egan-Bruhy; Bob Prestby; Brian Monroe; Leigh Hoftiezer; Peter Blain


Absent: Joy Schroeder; Paul Gasser; Chuck Winter

Guests: Dean Johnson

Call to Order/ Check In:  6:45

Open Forum:  None

Approval of February Minutes:  Approved with minor revisions


Religious Education:  Jackee discussed many topics, including that a number of visitor’s children  are interested in participating in RE.  The adult “Building Your Own Theology” class presented by Jackee and John Hoff was a great success, and there is a waiting list for a follow-up program for next year.  Two of this year’s attendees have become pledging friends.  The “Building Bridges” students visited Congregation Shalom, and plan on going to the Meditation Center and attending a service at a Church with largely a Black congregation.  Jackee is planning the “Coming of Age” program and the “UCN Summer Camp.”


Membership:  Brian reported that 45 invitations were sent to visitors and friends for the upcoming “New to UU and UCN” session scheduled for April 22 and May 6.  Brian asked the leadership team to stop by to introduce themselves and welcome the participants.  He also discussed the recent showing of the film “53206” at UCN, which was attended by 103 people.  Finally, he discussed those members who have moved away or did not respond to the pledge drive because of illness, and who have been deleted as members.


Social Justice:  Leigh said that the committee was exploring the sanctuary church movement, such as the one adopted by Olympia Brown in Racine.  Also discussed was the suggestion of some members that UCN be more partisan in its support of certain political candidates.  It was noted that the UU tradition is to be politically neutral, and that this is required to maintain UCN’s tax exempt status.


Worship: Jackee said the committee was discussing whether UCN should feature more pagan themed services, and, if so, how many.  Certain members have expressed that such services make them feel uncomfortable.  It was noted by other members that it was good to feel uncomfortable.  Brian said that one way to gauge the reaction to the services is to examine attendance, taking into account holidays etc.  Katie suggested that it might be appropriate to have a Barn Banter to discuss the issue.  The Board also discussed the Christmas Eve service, which was not what many members expected.


Personnel:  Pete reported that Mark Bruhy, Ed and Pete completed performance reviews for Lyn Gust and Jackee; and that they, and Jackee, plan on completing Constance’s review, hopefully on April 15.


Financial Statements/Treasurer’s Report:  Bob reported that income is currently $31,000 over budget and the fiscal year should be a positive one from a net income basis, excluding any income from the upcoming auction, which is estimated to be $6,000.


Katie discussed the proposed budget.  It shows positive income without including any rent from the Daycare.  Dan asked whether the budget included amounts for repairs to the downstairs door and completion of painting.  Katie confirmed that it did.  Gerry asked about the increase in support for the UUA and Midwest.  Katie noted that contributions to both were increased in the budget, but were not at suggested “fair share” levels.  The budget line item included support for MICAH, NAACP, etc., and Katie will determine what amount represents an increase in the UUA and Midwest contributions.


The Board discussed Finance’s suggestion that an additional $5,000 be placed in the Building Contingency Fund.  After discussion, it was suggested that this amount be placed in a Board Discretionary Fund to allow the Board to utilize the fund for the building or a minister, as appropriate.  Ed asked if the amount allocated for the debt reduction will be spent for that purpose next year. Katie confirmed that that it would be.


The approval of Budget was deferred until the May meeting.


Bylaws Subcommittee:  Pete discussed the proposed amended Bylaws which were presented to the Board before the Meeting.  The amendments include provisions for a part-time minister, a committee to evaluate the minister on an annual basis and revisions to the Committee on Ministry section which provides that the Committee will act as a liaison between the minister and the congregation, rather than as an advocate for the Minister as provided in the current Bylaws..


Leigh suggested that it would be appropriate to have a Barn Banter to discuss the amendments.  After discussion, it was decided to hold a Barn Banter on April 22 to discuss the amended Bylaws, the Budget and Worship.


The approval of the amended Bylaws was deferred until the May meeting.


Daycare Lease:  Dan reported that the tenant is waiting for final state approval and is still committed to proceed.


Debt Reduction Campaign:  Ed said he was waiting to speak with Rob Powell on this topic.

Nominations:  Paul Gasser is working on nominations to present to the members at the Annual Meeting.


New Business:  None


The next Board Meeting will be May 3 and the Annual Meeting will be held on May 20.


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Peter Blain


22 February 2018

Unitarian Church North Leadership Board


Present:   Joy Schroeder, Chuck Winter, Gerry Schmitz, Dan Lusk, Ed Ahrenhoerster, Peter Blain, Paul Gasser, Jackee Orozco, Katie Egan-Bruhy, Bob Prestby

Absent: Brian Monroe, Leigh Hoftiezer

Guests:  Dean Johnson

Call to order / Opening words / check in:  6:45 pm


Open Forum: none


Approval of September Minutes:  Minor revisions made to final copy. 1. Katie / 2. Peter.


Religious Education: Jackee discussed many topics, including “Building Bridges” group of RE students doing quite well. Anticipate conducting Coming of Age class next year, as well as a second year of OWL. Younger children attendance increasing over previous couple of months.


Worship: Joy said the committee is establishing dates for “rituals” for next church year. The committee is assigning worship assistants two months in advance. There is an idea being considered to have series of sermons about the 7 UU principles, but would require several people interested in developing the series. A topic of “TED Talks” relevant to UU is also under consideration for summer service. Committee working up a list of defined duties and responsibilities for worship assistants and for schedulers. Anna Brink will be leaving UCN in December 2018 to pursue professional opportunities; committee needs to start looking for a replacement accompanist.


Financial Statement / Treasurer’s Report:

Bob presented treasurers report as presented to board. Gerry questioned building contingency fund, and if the amount in the fund is appropriate for the expected expenses for the likely daycare tenant, as well as other building upkeep items. Referred to finance committee.


Membership: Report as submitted to committee. 64 tickets reserved for the showing of the film “Milwaukee 53206”.


Social Justice: Report as submitted to committee.


Minister Discussion: Ed informed board of recent discussion with Drew Kennedy and Lisa Presley (UU-Midwest). Not many half-time ministers typically available, recommend consideration of various potential types of ministers. Ed said that it may not be a bad idea to consider hiring a program manager to facilitate the hiring process, if and when such a process commences. Also discussed establishing a subcommittee to start this process, however the topic was tabled until after the Annual Meeting. There is a question outstanding regarding the time period a pulpit guest minister is deemed ineligible for consideration to be hired by the congregation. The congregation at large will be informed about the progress of hiring a minster at the Annual Meeting.


Bylaw Committee: March 8 meeting scheduled. Will revisit current bylaws and identify potential changes.


Pledge Drive: 36 pledge forms are in.


Long-Term Debt Reduction Campaign: Rob Powell is still committed to pursue the feasibility of such a campaign. Ed will collaborate with Rob to get things together and hopefully come to an opinion as to feasibility (success) of a campaign soon.


Day-Care Long-Term Renter: Still in process.


Next Meeting: April 5, 2018 at 6:45pm

Adjournment: (Dan/Ed): 7:46 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Chuck Winter


January 11, 2018 Leadership board meeting minutes

Present: Ed Arenhoerster, Peter Blain, Brian Bunzel, Katie Egan-Bruhy, Gerry Schmitz, Dean Johnson, Leigh Hoftiezer, Jackee Orozco, Joy Schroeder, Dan Lusk, Paul Gasser, Brian Monroe

Absent: Chuck Winter, Bob Prestby

Guest: Arson __________

Meeting called to order 6:45?

Arson, one of the owners of the business that is in negotiations with UCN to establish a daycare in the church was introduced to the board by Brian Bunzel. He took questions from board members.

He and his brother, Andleeb, together with their wives, who will be the teachers, will operate the daycare. The wives have 1.5 to 2.5 years of experience working with children.

They hope to have about ten children to begin, and eventually increase that number to about 30 children, scaling staffing as the business grows.

They are state licensed and insured. The name of the daycare is not settled, but will be something like “Fidget Childcare”

They will be setting up an LLC to operate the daycare and will inform Brian Bunzel when that is complete, so he can tell Peter Blain, who is drafting the rental agreement.

They hope to start March 1.

The rooms they will rent include: Fellowship Hall, Dr. Seuss, Beatrix Potter, Lucy Stone, Julia Ward-Howe, Clara Barton.

They will be doing some painting in the rooms in February, and installing security cameras (for parents)

There will have to be state inspections of the facility, so that it may be licensed by the state. He was not sure how long that would take.

The rooms will be cleaned daily, and will be reset on Friday, so that the church may continue to use them during the weekend.

Jackee Orozco asked about the impact on RE activities. Brian said some RE rooms would receive fresh paint. All rooms would be cleaned for the weekend. Bathrooms and toys would all be cleaned as well.

To the extent possible, given state regulations for disinfectants, the renters will used Green sanctuary approved cleaning supplies.

The downstairs elevator corner will be used for daycare storage.

Katie asked if Jackee was comfortable sharing. Jackee: tentatively yes. Arrangements will have to be made for the summer camp, as usage will overlap during that week.

Guest thanked the board and left. Discussion of lease terms continued.

The question of what will be done with the rental income was raised.  Finance will be treating it as “found money” this year, i.e. the budget will not be built around it. A small part of the income will be used to cover rental income that was lost due to renters leaving because of the daycare.  Facial business and Home learners group may leave.

Brian B. reported that the renters will be paying for and making improvements, including carpeting, painting.  There will be some increase in general expenses (water usage, utilities, etc), but he believes those will be more than covered by the rental income. Katie recommended keeping track of the expenses.

Brian Bunzel – on signage: UCN will have the right to approve any daycare signage. City of Mequon will also have to approve.

Brian Bunzel reported that the Koteckis are OK with the arrangements as they relate to Family Promise.  Family Promise is a very important church activity, which must be kept going.

The question of background checks on the daycare operators was raised. Daycare licensing requires a background check. Peter reported that the rental agreement states that we will see the licensing materials. Brian (Bunzel? Monroe?) will do credit and background checks.

Jackee Orozco raised the potential issue of occasions when the daycare opening hours overlap with times when UCN RE children are in the church (e.g. summer camps, etc). Will need to clearly delineate responsibility for safety of UCN children.

Leigh moved, Peter seconded, to approve the lease terms. Motion passed unanimously

Regular business:

November 2017 minutes – the wrong minutes were sent out for approval. Ed will send the November minutes for email vote.


Membership: (Brian Monroe) – 10 new members in the last 12 months. Combined with a few losses, the total membership is now about 136. 56 of the 90 pledges were > $1000/year, which is good.  It was stated that even 7 more new pledging members will not meet the necessary $10K/year budgeted for the new minister fund.

Music North, a new Ozaukee county music performance series, is renting UCN periodically for musical events, starting this coming Sunday.

Finance Report (November).  Early payments are coming in due to tax law changes.

Question: what is the Playground fund ($1500) for?  Paul and Brian B answered. These funds are for reshaping of the berm in the back for easier mowing, and for building in slides into the hill.

Social Justice (Leigh H): A peaceful demonstration will be held outside of the church (along Pt Washington Rd) before church next Sunday in honor of MLK holiday and Black Lives Matter.

Work is being done to add an MLK portrait to the wall in the main lobby.

Religious Education: The 1st half of the year has been good. OWL class is large (11 members including 5 non-UCN members). RE across the life span is important – Building Your Own Theology class is a good way to build church community.  RE is 68% above budget (good) due to summer camp, OWL enrollment, and adult education fees.

Worship committee: report submitted. Need for a dedicated PC linked to the projector. Would like to subscribe to Soul Matters, which provides readings, ideas, etc for services.

Personnel Committee responsibilities were discussed. Joy S moved, Dan L seconded, that the responsibilities be approved as presented. Motion passed unanimously.

Brian B raised the concern that Lyn Gust should be better compensated, and possibly given a title change. This was discussed. The possibility of subsidizing her benefits package was raised.

Bylaws: Ed reported that the Minister section of the bylaws needs review and revision before November (when a search process would begin if approved by the congregation).  Changes would need to be approved at the May congregational meeting. Ed will put together a subcommittee to do this. Needs 3-5 people. Membership was discussed. Leigh moved, Joy seconded to create this subcommittee. Motion passed unanimously.

Pledge campaign: board members are usually stewards, but with the smaller board, many non-board members will help. Leigh H is the pledge campaign chair. There will be a pledge steward training January 28th.


30 November 2017

Unitarian Church North Leadership Board Minutes 

Meeting summary:

  • Committee Reports
  • MIACH Meeting Discussion
  • Minister Discussion and Path Forward

Present:   Joy Schroeder, Brian Monroe, Bob Prestby, Gerry Schmitz, Dan Lusk, Ed Ahrenhoerster, Peter Blain,.

Absent:, Katie Egan-Bruhy, Jackee Orozco, Chuck Winter, Leigh Hoftiezer, Paul Gasser

Guests:  Dean Johnson

Call to order / Opening words / check in:  6:45 pm


Open Forum: none


Approval of October Minutes:  1. Dan / 2. Gerry. No revisions from draft.


Financial Statement / Treasurer’s Report:

Bob presented the Treasurer’s Report. Pledges are ahead of schedule due to some people paying their entire pledge. Rental revenue is behind schedule. Fundraising is now split into two lines – revenue and expenses. Previously expenses were just subtracted from revenue to get a net revenue line. Fundraising is currently ahead of schedule but expenses will go up as cash calendar payments are made. Overall we appear to be slightly ahead of schedule.


Membership – as submitted, with additional comments that several attendees of the “New to UU & UCN” classes were planning on deciding later whether to join. Ed said he would talk to Lauren Sara and Peggy Creer about the possibility of an electronic UCN photo gallery on the private side of our website.


Inclusive Bathrooms

Joy showed signage that Brian Bunzel had designed. After discussion the following motion was approved: “UCN shall retain bathroom signs as currently exist, with the exception of family bathroom signage, pending a proposal from Social Justice Committee.” Pete motioned, Bob seconded, passed unanimously.


New Minister Discussion


Final total was 70 surveys submitted. Two letters were discussed and edited, one to share survey results, the other to share our hiring plan. It was agreed that a congregational meeting would be held on January 21 to vote on this plan. Dan motioned, Pete seconded, passed unanimously. Official notice of this meeting will be sent out within the 10-30 day window that our bylaws require. The two emails will be sent out as edited early on the week of December 4.


New Business


The Board thanked Dean Johnson for taking photos of Board members prior to the meeting, to be put up in the lobby.


Adjournment (Dan/Peter):  8:02 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Ed Ahrenhoerster


19 October 2017: Unitarian Church North Leadership Board Minutes


Meeting summary:

  • Committee Reports
  • MIACH Meeting Discussion
  • Minister Discussion and Path Forward

Present:   Joy Schroeder, Brian Monroe, Chuck Winter, Leigh Hoftiezer, Gerry Schmitz, Dan Lusk, Ed Ahrenhoerster, Peter Blain, Paul Gasser.

Absent: Bob Prestby, Katie Egan-Bruhy, Jackee Orozco

Guests:  Dean Johnson, Lucy Friedrichs

Call to order / Opening words / check in:  6:47 pm


Open Forum: Lucy – expressed concern that there are a variety of materials posted on variety of surfaces at UCN – seems rather disorganized and perhaps a bit out-of-date. Joy – expressed that nametags need to be culled to remove persons no longer attending UCN. Dean – will take photos of leadership board at next meeting. Said it only takes 1/60th of a second each, so should be achieved within a second or two.


Approval of September Minutes:  1. Gerry / 2. Peter. No revisions from draft.


Financial Statement / Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer was not present nor was treasurer’s report filed. Ed will follow up with Bob regarding submittal of end-of-year financial report.


MICAH Discussion (Lucy): Lucy discussed MICAH and UCN involvement. Lucy serves as contact person. The annual public meeting of MIACH will be on 10/26/17 at 6:00pm at New Hope Baptist Church on 2455 W. Roosevelt Drive in Milwaukee. Lucy urged the board to help increase UCN presence at event and show support within Milwaukee.


Committee Reports:

Membership – as submitted, with additional comments that membership is growing and emphasizing the importance of welcoming new members and visitors in increasing membership and retention.

Social Justice – as submitted, with additional comments regarding 11/18 Freedom Dinner for NAACP Ozaukee County and the need for additional volunteers for UCC Saukville community outreach event on 10/27 (Pat Kotecki).

Ed urged the other committees to submit updates via email. Nothing fancy, but good method of maintaining communication with board.


Inclusive Bathrooms

Joy raised the issue that UCN does not currently have a gender-neutral/gender-fluid bathroom. Issue was raised at recent Transgender Ally workshop. Brian Bunzel is working on potential signage (several versions presented as there is no commonly accepted signage). UUA has guidelines on this topic. Issue referred to Building Committee for further consideration.


New Minister Discussion


As of 10/19 a total of 58 surveys have been received, either electronically or on paper. Surveys will continue to be received through the end of the month (10/31). The ad-hoc subcommittee will convene on 11/15 (W) to discuss results and present path forward. Ed met with Rev. Joyce Palmer of UU-West and Rev. Shaw of UU-Lake Country soliciting suggestions for hiring a part-time minister. In addition to the traditional hiring mechanisms (interim, contract, developmental), it is possible to hire a minister with a “contract to hire” clause, where a contract minister can be retained for permanent/settled minister.


Finance committee issued the following statement to the leadership board (formatting slightly changed, wording left intact):


Statement by Finance Committee Members:  Katie Egan-Bruhy, John Hoff, Mark Muellenbach, Nancy Neumann, Linda Sandersen, and Brian Sera for Barn Banter 10.22.17 


In as much as it would be great to have a minister, UCN in not currently able financially to hire a part time minister.  The deadline of attempting to hire someone for the next fiscal year seems unrealistic and doesn’t provide enough time to adequately gather necessary information.. 


  1. We should complete the survey and distribute results in time for review for a barn banter.
  2. The current UCN budget can afford to spend no more than $20k total per year on a minister.  At this level of pay we should not expect a “full services” minister.  Before seeking a minister, we should clearly know which pastoral duties are most important to us.
  3. Once we define duties and salary we would need to decide what benefits if any would be offered in order to really see if that can be accommodated by the budget.
  4. If the majority of members indicate they would notincrease their pledges where would the funds come from for next year?   


The Finance Committee recommends hiring a consulting minister as an independent contractor with a cap of $10,000 for fiscal year 2018/2019.  That person would attend some worship meetings and pastoral care and assist with these 2 areas as needed to provide relief to those committees.  This is a more prudent approach given we had to let our last minister go due to budget shortfalls.  A consulting minister is in effect on call and we would not be precipitously jumping into the cost and commitment of a salaried employee. 


Thank you. 



A barn banter is scheduled for 10/22 for a congregational-wide discussion.


The board discussed whether the decision to hire a minster should be a congregational-wide vote or left to the discretion of the leadership board. Gerry pointed out that the bylaws require a congregation vote to hire a minister, although there appears to be ambiguity regarding if this statement refers to a settled minister or an interim/contract minister. Issue to be researched and discussed at future meeting.


New Business


Debt Reduction Campaign – Ed discussed recent effort by Rob Powell to evaluate the success of conducting a debt reduction campaign. Rob met with one potential donor and will follow up with others in the near future. His target goal is $350k in funds dedicated entirely towards reduction of mortgage debt service (which stands somewhat less than $450k). Ed conveyed a question from Rob – Is it possible to sell naming rights to the various rooms at UCN? There was considerable discussion, but no resolution or decision was reached.


Adjournment (Brian/Peter):  8:26 pm


Interim Business

The following motion was made Ed on behalf of the Building Committee via email regarding the security system at UCN:

  • Allow one more person to change codes in addition to Lyn. Person to be determined by Building Committee.
  • Have our security company call a list of volunteers prior to calling the police. List to be determined by Building Committee, all people on the list must agree before being put on.

The above motion was approved on 11/09 with the following voting in the affirmative: Ed, Gerry, Dan, Joy, Katie, Peter, Brian.

Respectfully submitted,

Chuck Winter


07 Sept 2017: Unitarian Church North Leadership Board Minutes


Meeting summary:

  • Committee Reports
  • Transgender Ally Workshop
  • Survey Discussion and Path Forward

Present:   Joy Schroeder, Brian Monroe, Chuck Winter, Leigh Hoftiezer, Gerry Schmitz, Dan Lusk, Jackee Orozco, Ed Ahrenhoerster, Peter Blain, Katie Egan-Bruhy.

Absent: Bob Prestby, Paul Gasser

Guests:  none

Call to order / Opening words / check in:  6:49 pm


Open Forum: none


Approval of June Minutes:  change in “upcoming Pride parade” to “June Pride parade” under Social Justice committee discussion.

  1. Brian / 2. Leigh – APPROVED with Katie’s abstention.


Financial Statement / Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer was not present nor was treasurer’s report filed.


Committee Reports:

Membership – as submitted – discussion included needing to establish dates for next “Path to Membership” Class

Social Justice – as submitted

RE: 1) More member are interested in being on the RE committee, (2) current emphasis on older RE program is on world religions, (3) hoping for a senior youth group next year, (4) will pursue Soul Matters themes for upcoming year, (5) August day camp went well with approximately 10 children attending.

Worship – Pulpit schedule mostly full for 2017; looking good for next year. Also in considerable need of more people to be worship assistants.


Member Mentor Discussion – Leigh and Brian discussed efforts to offer a mentorship program in some form to help with attracting and retaining members, and promoting non-active members to volunteer in various capacities at UCN.


Transgender Ally Workshop – to be held on 10/04 at UCN. Will involve Shelly Gregory from the LBGT Community Center who will lead the workshop. Need help with logistics at Church – Leigh is leading the coordination effort. Target audience is primarily outside of UCN, with promotion to Washington, Ozaukee, Sheboygan counties and Village of Brown Deer. Target audience includes guidance counselors, K-12 gay-straight alliances, UUs, etc.


New Business – Mark Bruhy has assumed leadership of the Personnel Committee. However committee is 2 people short of the three required. Responsibilities are not presented in the by-laws or (apparently) in the procedures; Ed said he will follow up with Karen Ringlein who may know precisely what the responsibility of members of the Personnel committee are.


A motion was made by Peter that he (Peter Blain) join Mark Bruhy on the Personnel Committee, with a third person added when a UCN member volunteers. Seconded by Leigh and passed.


Survey Questions – Considerable discussion and review of supplied draft questions for the forthcoming electronic (alternative paper copy) congregation-wide survey. The survey is slated to “go live” on September 18, with the following few Sundays offering small group discussion with board members after service.


Adjournment (Gerry/Brian):  8:41 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Chuck Winter


27 July 2017

Unitarian Church North Leadership Board Minutes 

Meeting summary:

  • Committee Reports
  • Barn Dance Discussion
  • New Minister Discussion

Present:   Joy Schroeder, Brian Monroe (late), Paul Gasser, Chuck Winter, Leigh Hoftiezer, Gerry Schmitz, Dan Lusk, Jackee Orozco, Ed Ahrenhoerster.

Absent: Bob Prestby, Peter Blain, Katie Egan-Bruhy

Guests:  Dean Johnson

Call to order / Opening words / check in:  6:45 pm


Open Forum: Dean Johnson inquired if any discussion was occurring regarding UCN being a potential sanctuary church. Leigh said this issue was raised by Rosa Gomez and is being discussed in the Social Justice committee.


Approval of June Minutes:  change in “Approval of April Minutes” to read “Approval of May Minutes”.

  1. Gerry Schmitz / 2. Paul Gasser – APPROVED with Leigh’s abstention.


Financial Statement / Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer and finance committee chair were not present; financials were not discussed.


Committee Reports:


RE: Jackee discussed various items occurring with RE, including “Quest” camp coming up in August. Five days will address the five elements (fire, earth, water, air, ether); she is looking for volunteers to help. Jackee will also be leading a “Building Your Theology” service at the end of August. She is also creatively addressing the lack of volunteers for Sunday RE.


Membership: Chuck read submitted committee report.


Social Justice: Leigh said the committee is working on a transgender awareness project, a Black Lives Matter summer multicultural picnic, Muslim community outreach/alliance with the mosque located in Oostburg, and participation in an June Pride parade. Leigh said the committee needs a coordinator for the Share The Plate (STP) function.


Worship: Joy said the committee is continuing its traditional work and also working on formalizing descriptions for schedulers, worship assistants, and other helpers.


Trustee Job Description – Paul Gasser volunteered to start writing a description for functions/responsibilities of a trustee.


Barn Dance – Joy is planning another barn dance for either 11/10 or 11/11. Group discussion ensued regarding ideas for food, tickets, and fundraising opportunities.


New Minister Discussion – Ed presented questions for the board to consider asking the congregation at large:

  • Do we want a minister?
  • What kind of minister do we want?
  • What can we afford?
  • What would we want a minster to do?
  • How do we handle disagreements?


Discussion ensued regarding survey composition and delivery. Preliminary target, dependent on congregational feedback, to move forward with searching for a minister in January 2018.


Steps forward: 1. Finance committee to advise as to financial feasibility. 2. Ad-hoc subcommittee to be formed by Ed of board members interested in concentrating on this effort. 3. Ed to communicate this effort to the congregation.


New Business


Paul asked if there will be a fall retreat and potential agenda.


Adjournment (Leigh/Gerry):  8:34 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Chuck Winter


15 June 2017
Unitarian Church North Leadership Board
Minutes – Finalized
Meeting summary:
• Financials
• Rentals and rental oversight
• Membership additions and departures
• Priorities for cash reserve and capital campaign feasibility
Present: Joy Schroeder, Brian Monroe, Paul Gasser, Chuck Winter, Mark Ludwig, Amber Elsner-Miller, Bob Prestby,
Peter Blain, Katie Egan-Bruhy, Janet Jensen
Guests: Dean Johnson
Call to order / Opening words / check in: 6:45 pm
Open Forum: Dean Johnson brought greetings and thanks from Karen Ringlein and Stephanie Loehr and provided health
and progress updates on both members.
Approval of May Minutes: amendment from Katie Egan-Bruhy to Financial Statement/Treasurer’s Report
1. Peter Blain / 2. Bob Prestby – APPROVED
Financial statement / Treasurer’s Report:
Discussion of items relevant to Treasurer’s Report: 1) rental income YTD overage of $9318 will help cover recent rentee
departures 2) UUA Fair Share contribution of $10,000 remains beyond our means 3) there will likely be sound system
expenses in July 4) elevator repairs (5/1/17) totaled $1100. Discussion of 2 items on Budget vs. Actual July 2016-May
2017: 1) #8415 Repairs and Maintenance figures include elevator repairs, and 2) #7203 – Workers Comp Insurance cost
was for Deborah Fugenschuh.
Rentals – discussion of Rental Oversight Meeting:
Janet Jensen shared notes from a 5/23/17 meeting attended by Lyn Gust, Brian Bunzel, Dean Johnson, Mark Bruhy, Dan
Lusk and Janet Jensen, called to discuss and clarify the rental process and responsibilities. Leadership Board discussion
included: Facilities Use currently remains in Building Committee; current budget cap on Administrative Assistant hours
and rate; increasing role and responsibility of Dan Lusk; cost of living and pension components of Admin Asst
compensation package; recommended Position Description revisions; possible title change will require research on UUA
guidelines and other implications. Support voiced for Lyn’s option to increase hours if needed, and gratitude to Dan Lusk
for volunteering to help with rentals and to back up Lyn and/or Peggy Creer as needed.
New Business / Committee Reports:
Membership Committee report lists 11 new members, 5 recognized on 4/23 and 5 recognized on 5/21. New members have
indicated interest in/willingness to assist with website and exterior painting. Also regretfully acknowledged were the
departures of Theresa and Todd Witt and family, and Stephanie Richardson.
Thanks to departing board members: Jennifer Barton, Amber Elsner-Miller, Janet Jensen, Stephanie Loehr, Mark Ludwig
New Business: discussion of possible allocation/use of current cash reserve. Needs/priorities include building
contingency fund, ministerial search consideration, exterior painting, parking lot repairs, professional landscape support.
Motion: to support a feasibility study (led by Rob Powell) of a possible capital campaign for debt reduction and/or
property investment. 1. Peter Blain 2. Katie Egan-Bruhy APPROVED with one abstention (Amber Elsner-Miller).
Adjournment: 8:00 pm
Respectfully submitted,
Janet Jensen


18 May 2017

Unitarian Church North Leadership Board Minutes  

Meeting summary:

  • Clarification of Minister’s Discretionary Fund, Denominational Dues and “Fair Share” status, budget figures in Annual Meeting Packet (accurate)
  • Discussion of rent and renter-related issues
  • Membership update

Present:   Joy Schroeder, Brian Monroe, Paul Gasser, Chuck Winter, Mark Ludwig, Amber Elsner-Miller, Bob Prestby, Peter Blain, Ed Ahrenhoerster, Katie Egan-Bruhy, Jackee Orozco, Janet Jensen

Guests:  Dean Johnson, Brian Bunzel, Dan Lusk

Call to order / Opening words / check in:  6:46 pm


Open Forum: Dan Lusk indicated that he would be willing to assist Lyn and Brian Bunzel during weekdays in doing whatever needed to be done, especially regarding renters and the various issues that arise.


Approval of April Minutes:  amendments from Brian M. (delete incorrectly attribution of opening words, revise Financial Statement) and Chuck W. ($500 DRE Prof. Expense increase incorrect source) 1. Brian Monroe / 2. Bob Prestby – APPROVED with one abstention (Katie E-B)


Financial statement / Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report was given by Bob Prestby – questions were made regarding if the figures included Earth Day proceeds (answer was “not sure”). Bob emphasized to Dean that the Minster’s Discretionary Fund is available to LPT members to cover associated costs.  Dean acknowledged.

Chuck asked about “Denominational Dues” – why are we under budget? Katie E-B said that the budget for the current year was to fund UCN participation in the UUA Midwest Region at a “Fair Share” level, but funding was subsequently cut back with reduction in members and potential for shortfall. Since the budget turned out to be better than forecast, the finance committee will reconsider if UCN should make a subsequent contribution to achieve “Fair Share” level. The “Fair Share” level has not been achieved for approximately the last 10 years.

Rentals – discussion of recent issues:

Discussion centered on ways to insure that renters and rentals do not negatively impact each other or Lyn and Lyn’s work environment.  Some rental related tasks are appropriately in her position description, others have arisen with increased numbers of renters and clients and do not belong in this position.  The board directed that a meeting of Lyn, Janet J (supervisor), Dan Lusk, Dean Johnson, Brian Bunzel and Mark Bruhy be scheduled [5/23/17] to discuss divisions of labor per the particular interests and expertise of the UCN people involved and possible adjustments to Lyn’s compensation, position description and job title.


Further discussion of issues of licensure, liability, facility limitations (odor and sound containment, ventilation, sinks, security) and whether lease language needs to cover more of these specifics.


Specific discussion of pros and cons of the Earth Day Festival, clarification of prior communications, and the need for the DRE to be able to act autonomously on activities that positively impact the RE program (as this festival did).


New Business / Committee Reports:

Membership Committee report lists 10 new members, 5 recognized on 4/23 and 5 to be recognized on 5/21 or 6/4.  UCN membership, calculated by the current number of active pledgers and spouses, is 132, so quorum for the upcoming Annual Meeting is 33 (25% of total).   The committee would like to continue to explore the possibility of an electronic UCN photo membership directory, and seeks more volunteers for Sunday roles as greeters and ushers.


Adjournment:  8:45 pm


Respectfully submitted,


Janet Jensen (with assistance from Chuck Winter)


20 April 2017

Unitarian Church North Leadership Board Minutes

Meeting summary:

  • Positive financial projections
  • Proposed bylaw change process
  • Annual meeting
  • Facilities Use/Renter Policies
  • Membership – new members, adjusted calculation


Present:  Chuck Winter, Paul Gasser, Joy Schroeder, Ed Ahrenhoerster, Peter Blain, Bob Prestby, Janet Jensen, Brian Monroe, Art Campbell, Karen Ringlien, Mark Ludwig, Amber Elsner-Miller


Opening words / check in


Open Forum: Dean Johnson, attending


Approval of February Minutes:  1. Karen Ringlien / 2. Bob Prestby – APPROVED with amendments


Financial statement / Treasurer’s Report

  • Amend Treasurer’s Report – “Professional Fees” – consultant has been paid
  • Amend Balance Sheet, p. 1 bottom – delete Wisconsin Bank and Trust
  • Annual Assumptions – discussion of new member pledges projected to exceed $5000 / note item 7002 under staff wages will be written as 2 contracts
  • Item 7501: recommend increasing DRE Prof. Expenses to $1500; $500 increase to be covered by anticipated new pledges
  • Budget Summary: note proposed 2017-18 1st time deposit ($10,000) to Ministry Reserve Fund


Approval of Budget: Ed A:  motion to approve as amended 1. Brian Monroe 2. Peter Blain  APPROVED


Update on bylaws changes: discussion of need/practicality of scheduling an additional Barn Banter; not deemed possible.  Ed A will be available for questions at most upcoming services.  Motion to approve Proposed Bylaw Changed at Annual Meeting:  1.  Brian Monroe  2.  Bob Prestby  APPROVED


Annual Meeting:  (5/21/17) Leader-led service planned for approx. 40 minutes, followed by snacks and Annual Meeting


Discussion of retreat, UUW Congregational Consultant:  discussion of feasibility of ministerial search/hire; discussion of consultant’s recommendation to examine conflict resolution; will include in congregational survey in 2017-18


2017-18 Officers/Trustees/Nominations Process:  in progress; suggestions made for additional contacts


New Business / Committee Reports:

  • Facilities Use Policy for Renters Addendum – will overrule verbal agreements / suggestion to re-implement Project Planning Forms for consensus building / propose sub-committee or task force to discuss renter-related issues and potential need for mediation / support voiced for Lyn Gust’s work and work environment
  • AED recommendation from LPCT: expense is not justifiable, given our proximity to hospital & professional emergency care
  • Regional Assembly – 4/29/17, 2 places for UCN, Bob Bledsoe plans to attend
  • Membership: Handout:  “Ways to Grow Membership Without Spending $” / Report: details need for more Sunday volunteers / new members (10) and adjustments to membership calculations / Motion to accept the resignation status of Jane Craig (deceased), Keith Utech, Lyn Pfunder, Pilney Wilder, Heath Hartwig and Dezarae Jones-Hartwig. 1.  Brian Monroe  Bob Prestby APPROVED


Adjournment:  8:45 pm


Respectfully submitted,


Janet Jensen


16 February 2017

Unitarian Church North Leadership Board Minutes  

Meeting summary:

  • Mortgage renewal, anticipated increase in appraisal
  • Congregational consultant Kathleen Burek 3/25/17
  • Bylaw revisions
  • Staff supervision
  • Committee reports
  • Peter Mayer Concert 4/1/17


Present:  Chuck Winter, Paul Gasser, Joy Schroeder, Ed Ahrenhoerster, Katie Egan-Bruhy, Bob Prestby, Janet Jensen, Brian Monroe, Jackee Orozco (ex-officio), Art Campbell, Karen Ringlien, Mark Ludwig


Opening words / check in:  silent reflection


Open Forum:  Brian Bunzel presentation on Black Lives Matter subcommittee pamphlet; Dean Johnson also attending


Approval of January Minutes:  1. Brian Monroe / 2. Katie Egan Bruhy – APPROVED


Financial statement / Treasurer’s Report

Mortgage Renewal:

  • Currently locked @ 4.25
  • Anticipated building & grounds appraisal increase from $680,000 to $1.4 million will strengthen loan : value ratio and require insurance adjustment
  • Mike Arnow needs to pull back from managing Endowment; Nancy Neumann will replace.   Katie Egan Bruhy / 2.  Bob Prestby – APPROVED


Pledge Campaign:  in process


UUA Congregational Consultant:  Kathleen Burek, Adjunct Congregational Consultant, visit planned 3/25/17, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm


Bylaws Committee – proposed changes:  (Ed Ahrenhoerster) Overall goals to focus and consolidate leadership, reduce hours.  See handout; proposed changes will necessitate 2 slates of candidates – 1 for current structure, 1 for anticipated changes.


Supervision of employees – DRE:  Current RE Committee Chair needs to step back from supervisory role.  Paul Gasser will serve as interim supervisor.  Jensen continues to serve as supervisor for Administrative Assistant Lyn Gust.


Committee Reports:

  • Religious Education – Jackee reported that she has an ad hoc parent and friend committee and volunteers for a middle school group. Critical mass is crucial for the middle level, and this is her focus.
  • Lay Pastoral Care / Open Sanctuary Proposal – (see handout) Discussion of importance of keeping sessions informational and not politically defined in order that all feel welcome.
  • Building / JanPro update – Discussion of terms of JanPro contract and details of possibly having Constance Fiske take over all cleaning responsibilities. She has been appraised of all of the terms of the JanPro contract.  Suggestion that compensation for childcare responsibilities remain hourly, with terms of cleaning to be determined.  Brian Bunzel noted that charging deposits for weddings, funerals and other special events has effectively eliminated the needed for special cleanings after these events.  Dedicated Blocks of Time Rentals Proposal – (handout) Noting relative underuse of large rooms for one-time basis rentals, the proposed plan would pursue renting for larger blocks of time.  Discussion of need for flexibility and for giving congregational needs top priority.  Motion to go ahead with a Block Time rental for Clara Barton only, keeping Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall and Emerson on the current [one-time] rental basis.    Joy Schroeder 2.  Karen Ringlien  APPROVED
  • Membership – “New to UU & UCN” sessions for 19 March and 2 April; efforts to accurately assess membership and update Membership Director after Annual Pledge Campaign; accept resignation of Lynn Coenen and Carrie Videovich; note value of speakers and events for bringing in visitors if well publicized, continued exploration of electronic photo membership directory.
  • Worship – preparation for Bruce Knotts 3/5/17; publicity – need to renew Mequon/Thiensville Chamber of Commerce membership; 1st Sunday Lunch anticipate larger numbers
  • Social Justice – (Joy Schroeder) Gender Safe/Transgender Information Day planned for 6/4/17, coinciding with Pridefest / STP nomination Sacred Stone Standing Rock / additional meetings planned
  • New Business: Peter Mayer concert (4/1/17, 7 pm) flyers & posters available


Adjournment:  8:45 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Janet Jensen


Leadership Board  Meeting – January 19, 2017

Members Present: Joy, Katie, Peter B., Mark L., Karen R., Art C., Paul G., Chuck, Brian M., Jennifer B., Ed A.

Others Present: Brian Bunzel, Lucy, Leigh, Jackee O., John Hoff

Members not present: Bob P., Amber, Janet, Stephanie L.

Call to Order by Paul at 6:53pm

Opening words : “Prayer for this Gathering” by Laila Ibrahim

Open Forum: Brian Bunzel discussed his attendance at a recent event unaffiliated with UCN. Discussion not relevant to UCN business. Brian B. contributed to discussion at end of meeting.

Comment on minutes from December meeting: comment regarding AED (Automated External Defibrillator) devices should be listed under an issue presented by the Building Committee. Karen suggested that the issue may be purview of the Lay Pastoral Care committee. Motion to approve minutes with noted changes by Karen R., seconded by Brian M., passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Katie presented report. Said that bill for natural gas seems very low, but was confirmed with WE Energies. We received a credit from the property insurance company given no claims in the recent past. Jackee inquire about status of RE fees (what has been paid to date) – Katie to follow up. Typo was identified in the first section of the report “Fundraising in November was $1933…” should read “Fundraising in December was $1933…” Karen noted that the statement regarding the Ministers Discretionary Fund being December’s share-the-plate effort should be corrected to be “entire offering from the December 24 service”. Joy moved to approve changes to the treasurer’s report. Karen seconded. Treasurer’s report passed unanimously.

Brief discussion by Katie regarding Mortgage Renewal – Assessor toured UCN, had questions; questions subsequently answered to assessor’s satisfaction by  Brian Bunzel. Mortgage refinancing process going well.

Pledge Campaign – Leigh H. discussed the upcoming pledge campaign. She will lead the effort. Steward training on 1/29 from 11:30 to 1:30; training to be led by John Hoff. Letters for pledge units about ready to print – packets will be ready by 2/5. Kickoff for the pledge campaign on 2/5 with super-bowl related theme. Slogan “Nurture our spirits, support our community, seek justice in our world”. Leigh is looking for people from board (or people referred by the board) to serve as pledge stewards. There will not be a membership survey included in the pledge drive. Pledge deadline is 3/6; finance committee to review pledge in the end of March.

UUA Adjunct Consultant – Chuck stated that he will be seeking advice from the board regarding their availability in February to have a day-long retreat with the (yet un-named) UUA consultant. Currently looking at Saturdays – will email board members after meeting

Bylaws – Ed distributed a handout summarizing progress on bylaws. The goal of the bylaw changes is to reduce the number of people on the board and to increase coordination between the leadership board the the committees considered most critical to the successful operation of the church. Jackee said that attendance of the DRE at leadership board meetings was not included in the job description and would need to be modified to be in accordance with current bylaw plan. Ed said that the inclusion of the DRE is already present in the current bylaws, so there is some inherent inconsistencies within the system. Chuck inquired about the inclusion of both the Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair in the proposed system; the duties of the Treasurer and the Finance Committee Chair are markedly different and both warrant inclusion. There was considerable discussion by Art and others about two year terms versus three year terms, ultimately resulting in no modification of the proposed path forward. Committee chairs the Finance, Membership, Social Justice, and Worship would need to be voted by the congregation instead of just approval of the leadership board. Concern was raised that the inclusion of the 4 committee chairs on the leadership board would discourage people volunteering to be chairs of these committees, with the added work imposed on the chair to attend leadership meetings in addition to committee meetings. Ed said the overall hope is that the frequency of leadership board meetings could be reduced (say every-other-month or quarterly). The discussion ended with Ed stating that the subcommittee will be working on modification of actual bylaw document and will present proposed changes at the February board meeting, with subsequent Barn Banter in March, and adoption at the Annual Meeting in May.

Date for Annual Meeting – Chuck suggested that the UCN Annual Business Meeting be scheduled for Sunday May 21; this would coincide with the “leadership-sponsored” Sunday service currently scheduled on that date.

Bruce Knotts visit – UUA UN representative Bruce Knotts will be making a visit to UCN on the weekend of March 4-5. In addition to leading a Sunday service on March 5 he would like to lead some other activity that includes people from beyond the UCN community. Lucy said that she and Stephanie Richardson will be organizing a group of people to help facilitate Bruce Knotts visit – to include Peggy C., Jackee O, Brian M., Lucy, Stephanine, Katie, and Chuck. There will be a single point of contact (likely Stephanie R., but possibly Lucy) for ongoing communication with Bruce. This communication with Bruce will include the topic of both the service and the ancillary event. There will also need to be coordination of the following: (1) establishing nature of the additional event (likely held at UCN on Sunday afternoon), (2) child care during the event, and (3) promotion of the event into the community. Brian M. said he could promote the event through Eventbrite and through the Rotarians.

Rentals – Brian Bunzel discussed the current rental/leasing arrangements of the various rooms at UCN. He asked the board about the potential to establish regular rental of the Barton and Emerson rooms (“regular” meaning reserved use of these rooms during specific times of the week, typically during weekdays, with rooms available for use by the UCN congregation on weeknights and on the weekends). Karen R. suggested that such regular use of these rooms, even during weekday hours, may cause problems for the LPC committee and others who may want a private room to hold small meetings (or one-on-one consultations), and advocated that the Emerson and Barton rooms be available for UCN use during these times. This viewpoint was made by Chuck and others. Katie asked Brian to make a formal proposal regarding rental policies. Brain Monroe inquired if the rental/leasing agreements could have a rent escalation policy (rent is very cheap for first few months and increases thereafter) where UCN could realize additional rental income. No formal resolution or motion was made regarding this matter.

Membership – Brian Monroe: Brian said that there will be a “New to UU” class meeting on 3/19 and on 4/2, similar to that which was held last fall. Brian said that there are quite a few returning guests and pledging friends. The Bruce Knotts visit, if adequately publicized, should increase attendance of non-members as well. Issue regarding a member-supplied photo directory on the website was also raised; Brian said we need to evaluate website capabilities / logistics.


RE – Jackee stated that RE themes are in general alignment with worship topics and goals, with Justice and Courage leading off 2017. She is recording video clips of children stating “what is courage to them” for future presentation. The “One Room Schoolhouse” idea is starting to jell. Someone asked what is the number of children in RE – Jackee was not sure since there are many erratic attendances. Jackee said there is need for greater volunteer in RE.

New Business – Cleaning

Brian Bunzel discussed his dissatisfaction with the current cleaners, Jan Pro. They are apparently not fulfilling their promises for a through cleaning, with some promised items not performed in months (if not longer). Brian described the clause in the contract in which to terminate, which involves sending, via certified mail, a letter stating dissatisfaction and associated details, afterwhich Jan Pro has a specified time period (I forgot to include it in my notes) during which it could fix the issues to UCN satisification. If we are not satisified, we can then terminate our contract with no further recourse. Brian said he approached Constance Fiske regarding her interest in assuming cleaning duties at the same rate as Jan Pro (currently $385/month for one cleaning per week). Constance indicated agreement with the same scope, terms, and compensation as Jan Pro. There was discussion among many board members regarding contracting with Constance in this manner, including the appearance that her cleaning before service (if she were to do cleaning services) may interfere with her child-care tasks. She would also need to be available for “special cleanings” after events; an issue which was not discussed with her.

Brian B. asked the board for permission to issue dissatisfaction with Jan Pro and pursue a contract with Constance Fiske for cleaning services. After further discussion, Chuck asked Brian to continue discussion with Constance about the various issues raised during the discussion and present a formal proposal for board consideration at a future board meeting.

Brian also informed the board that the snow removal firm, Dean’s Snow Removal” will be changing the manner in which snow is removed from the north side of the prairie circle; this will help reduce the persistent icing that is occurring due to the piling of snow on the north side of the circle.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:17 pm.


17 November 2016

UCN Leadership Board Meeting Minutes


Present:  Ed Ahrenhoerster, Jennifer Barton, Katie Egan-Bruhy, Amber Elsner-Miller, Paul Gasser, Janet Jensen, Stephanie Loehr, Mark Ludwig, Brian Monroe, Jackee Orozco, Bob Prestby, Karen Ringlien, Joy Schroeder, Chuck Winter


Call to order:  Paul Gasser called the meeting to order at 6:50.


Check-In:  individual


Open Forum:  Dean Johnson, Brian Bunzel, John Hoff, guests


Review and approval of October 2016 Minutes: approved with revisions; 1. Brian Monroe 2. Bob Prestby


Financial Statement / Treasurer’s Report:

  • Treasurer’s Report – income discussion included pledges, fundraising, offertory, scrip sales, and rentals; expense discussion of dues and denomination support, professional fees and building expenses; note impact of pre-paid pledges on YTD cash flow figures (skew positive)
  • Budget vs. Actual July-Oct 2016, Budget vs. Actual Oct. 2016, Balance Sheet 31 Oct 2016: reports accepted as printed


Election support session:  extremely appreciative response; participants included members and guests; note that few local congregations offered anything similar, follow up discussions desired.


Social Justice:  Oostburg mosque letter of support – post-election threats to the mosque and congregation.  Discussion of possible letter of support and/or other forms of response.  Preference for acting as a congregation with input from SJ; Dean Johnson requested trustee blessing for letter of support, IF desired by the mosque congregation.  Suggestion that Leigh Hoftiezer be contacted as both community member and friend of mosque member(s) for advice and/or contacts.


Update on rental agreements/insurance requirements: discussion of possible pro-rated fees for future part-time renters; Brian B will work on revising rental agreement language to include pro-rated fees, no firearms and requiring renter insurance, Peter B. advising.  Per the 2016 letter of coverage from Church Mutual, UCN is covered for medical and liability


Report from ad-hoc committee to review by-laws/propose changes:  handout listed reasons to discuss changes (reduce volunteer hours needed to run UCN), areas possibly impacted by bylaw changes, current committee thinking on board size and functions.  A Barn Banter on 12/11/16 is planned.


Replacement Trustee to fill Jackee Domoe’s board position:  Art Campbell has agreed to serve.  Karen R. moved to accept and approve, with an election to follow at the year-end congregational meeting.


Listening sessions for congregational input:  Jennifer B. reported that themes have begun to emerge following the 3rd of 3 meetings on 11/13/16.  Board will meet with Rev. Drew Kennedy on 12/4/16, Barn Banter to follow on 12/11/16.


On-line questionnaire task force:  tabled

Building Committee: continued discussion of possibility of roadside sign advertising Sunday services.  Brian B reported on the costs of electric signage, deemed prohibitive at this time.  Brian therefore moved that plans go forward for a sign constructed in-house, Ed A. 2nd.  Two opposed; need to explore ways to print the changing information and make sure that it stays current.


Update on weekday visitor policy, Lyn’s role:  doorbells have malfunctioned to date, but when working should minimize office interruptions for renters and their clients.  Door will remain locked when Lyn is alone in the building.  Tabled discussion of BLM handout.


Defending Freedom” banner: Ed A presentation of possible photo banner; discussion of photo choices.  To be continued.


Committee reports:

  • Social Justice – written report “Partnering with other Faith Communities” (prepared by Carol Pawlak and pledging friend Jennifer Wilke) encourages the Board and UCN congregation to seek alliances with other faith communities to stand with those most disenfranchised by the election results. Suggest contacts with All People’s Church and the Islamic Society of Sheboygan, in addition to possible Oostburg mosque action, above.
  • Membership – Report from Brian M and Rosa G regarding ‘New to UU and UCN’ session (13 potential members), other guests, pledging friends and Concordia students. Continued interest in electronic UCN Photo Membership Directory and taglines for presentation at Annual Meeting. Sunday volunteers very much needed.


New Business:  explore possibility of continued election support groups


Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Janet Jensen


 20 October 2016

UCN Leadership Board Meeting Minutes

Present:  Ed Ahrenhoerster, Peter Blain, Amber Elsner-Miller, Lucy Friedrichs, Paul Gasser, Janet Jensen, Brian Monroe, Bob Prestby, Karen Ringlien, Joy Schroeder, Chuck Winter

Call to order:  Paul Gasser called the meeting to order at 6:50.

Chalice Lighting Reading and Check-In:  reading from Antoine de St. Exupéry – “Wind, Sand & Stars”

Open Forum:  Dean Johnson & Brian Bunzel, guests

Review and approval of September 2016 Minutes:  Motion to approve with 2 corrections (Amber not in attendance, Ringlien misspelling) & 1 clarification (Amber’s role in survey construction ltd to electronic)  – Peter Blain, 2nd – Bob Prestby.

Financial Statement / Treasurer’s Report:

  • Treasurer’s Report – discussion included pledges (under budget for the last quarter), rentals (both Rae and WSS raised their own rents, insurance agreements pending [below]), Barn Dance profit figures will be available next month
  • Budget vs. Actual July-Sept 2016, Budget vs. Actual Sept. 2016, Balance Sheet 30 Sept 2016: reports accepted as printed
  • Mortgage Payment Analysis – discussion of viability of capital campaign; likely that interest savings/yield would not significantly offset mortgage

Report from ad-hoc committee to review by-laws/propose changes:  Ed A, Peter B, Amber E-M, John H – process planned for Nov/Dec; specific topics to include leadership board size & structure; intent to avoid minutiae in process

Replacement Trustee to fill Jackee Domoe’s board position:  Janet J – Art Campbell has tentatively accepted, pending resolution of a Thursday evening schedule conflict; additional names were suggested if he is unavailable

Listening sessions for congregational input:  revised dates – Wed 26 Oct 6:30-7:30 pm, Wed 9 Nov 6:30-7:30 pm, Sun 13 Nov 11:00-12:00; general topic “Why we need to exist”; discussion of Drew Kennedy advice that we need to request specific feedback, propose further discussion following 12/4/16 service (report submitted by Jennifer Barton)

On-line questionnaire task force:  Chuck W, assisted by Janet J, Joy S, Jenny E-M and Amber E-M (electronic assistance) / meeting 11/7/16.

Discussion of financial health:  see above under Financial Statement

Building Committee: discussion of possibility of roadside sign advertising Sunday services.  Brian B reported that UCN is allowed 1 more sign with a changeable message, and provided a model for constructing a possible design.  Discussion included implications of maintaining and servicing roadside signage, with consensus that research be done on the costs of an electronic sign.  With a cost estimate, perhaps a dedicated capital campaign would be possible.

Committee reports:

  • Social Justice – Lucy F and Dean J reported on the Black Lives Matter Workshop held at UCN on 9/17/16: 60 attendees including 15 UCN, topics including public witness, identifying systemic privilege and microagressions, SURJ = stand up for racial justice, a resource for continuing the conversation.  Discussion of wedding renter discomfort with BLM signage.
  • Personnel – discussion of how BLM signage impacted Lyn Gust’s position, i.e. that her safety and job functioning must not be compromised. Possibly a short handout could be available explaining how and why the signage manifests our UU principles.  Further discussion specific to safety included keeping doors locked, limiting conversation to the intercom and clarifying as much as possible when to admit or not,  and specifying that renters and their clients not presume a receptionist function.  Proposal by Brian B. to install a doorbell in the [previous] minister’s office.
  • Brian M reported 42 guests as of 9/4/16, Path to Membership classes scheduled 11/6/16, ___.
  • Worship – Chuck W discussed calendar and numerous openings following December and need for a revised timeline and checklist for Worship Assistants

New Business:  announcement of Peter Mayer concert 4/1/17.  Publicity will need to be via word of mouth and online Eventbrite.  Tickets approx. $30; potential strong fund raiser.

Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Jensen


15 September 2016

UCN Leadership Board Meeting Minutes

Present:  Ed Ahrenhoerster, Peter Blain, Katie Egan-Bruhy, Paul Gasser, Janet Jensen, Stephanie Loehr, Mark Ludwig, Brian Monroe, Jackee Orozco, Karen Ringlien, Joy Schroeder, Chuck Winter

Call to order:  Paul Gasser called the meeting to order at 6:45.

Chalice Lighting Reading and Check-In:  one word check-in

Open Forum:  Dean Johnson, guest

Review and approval of July 2016 Minutes:  Motion to approve – Katie Egan-Bruhy, 2nd – Karen Ringlien.  Discussion noted that June minutes were approved with addition of Amber Elsner-Miller to attendance.

Treasurer’s Report:  presented by Katie Egan-Bruhy; note addition of DRE position

Religious Education:  Kick-off for RE year 9/11/16 with artist Jean Semon, building on water theme in spirituality, social justice, environment and earth-centered traditions.  Coming of Age will meet every other week – mentors needed, students will be creating statements of belief which will be central to May/June service.  Planned fundraiser “Charity Mania Football Tickets” (predicted 70% return) in approximately 6 weeks.

Nominations:  Jensen will make contacts for Trustee position vacancy created by appointment of Jackee Orozco as DRE.  Jenny Goetz’s schedule will prevent her from attending most meetings, Jensen will serve.  Motion – Karen Ringlien, 2nd – Joy Schroeder, approved.  Signatory forms completed.

Building:  no formal report; note unexpected AC expenses.  Discussion of need to purge, streamline and re-locate files, including RE storage closet.  WSSS needs alternate storage space.  Discussion of renter/lessee policies under New Business, below.

Personnel:  discussion of duties, clarification of by-law changes approved and pending.  Need centralized files/location..

Social Justice:  written report included functions of committee members, 9/17/16 BLM workshop at UCN, Family Promise update, Share the Plate could use more recipient suggestions (website link suggested), NAACP fundraiser 11/19/16, Lobby Portrait Gallery, MICAH rep Jon Olsen, Joy Schroeder board liaison

Creation of ad-hoc committee for by-law review/decreasing board size:  the goal of the committee will be to generate a clear proposal for presentation to the congregation at a Barn Banter.  Chuck Winter moved to create a committee of not less than three members to explore options to change the by-laws in a targeted fashion to simplify the governance structure of UCN.  2nd Stephanie Loehr.  Motion passed.  John Hoff, Ed Ahrenhoerster and Paul or Chuck will be on the committee.

Discussion of vision/mission development & congregational feedback:  Jennifer Barton & Bob Prestby plan to use a five-why root cause analysis style format to facilitate discussions of congregational purpose and mission.  Four sessions are planned in October (2 week nights, 2 weekends).  Congregational survey construction:  Chuck will be assisted by Janet, Joy, Amber and Jenny.

Financial health discussion of debt reduction and capital campaign:  given the small size of the congregation, the rationale for a capital campaign would need to be very clear – a one-time donation to decrease the mortgage.  Rob Powell has indicated interest/willingness to do a feasibility study, also Stephanie Loehr.  Important to include impact assessment (return on investment) in upcoming refinance process.

New Business:

  • Family Promise partner St. Joseph’s Catholic Church – the initial process went very well
  • Issues/concerns with multiple and new renters: credit checks, licensing, release of liability, schedule conflicts.  Need to re-examine renter agreement for above and consistency with UU principles.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Jensen


UCN Leadership Board Meeting

Thursday, July 16, 2015



Jennifer Barton (Co-President), Ruth Duenk, Jeanne Durnford (Past President), Katie Egan-Bruhy, Jenny Elsner-Miller, Paul Gasser (Co-President-elect), Jenny Goetz (Secretary), Rosa Gomez, Janet Jensen (Co-President), Stephanie Loehr, Mark Ludwig, Jackie Orozco, Bob Prestby, Karen Ringlien, Chuck Wynter (Co-President-elect)


Others Present:

Dean Johnson

Juanita Mast

Joy Schroeder


Call to Order:

Janet Jensen called the meeting to order at 6:45 p.m.


Chalice Lighting and Check-In:

Janet shared a reflective reading with the Leadership Board members.  Leadership board members introduced themselves to one another and “checked in” with one another.


Approval of Director of Religious Education Director:

Leadership board members introduced themselves to Deborah Fugenschuh, who was the selected candidate for the Director of Religious Education position.  She introduced herself and shared her professional background with the board members.  She has an extensive background in the nonprofit sector, particularly in fundraising   As a previous member of UCN, she had served as a Sunday school teacher.  Her first official date will be on Saturday, August 3rd.   A print biography will be posted in an upcoming Friday Flyer, and she will be introduced to the congregation at an upcoming service.  It was suggested that her biographical information also be posted on the UCN website.


Jeanne Durnford moved that the Leadership Board approve the hiring of Deborah Fugenschuh as the Director of Religious Education.  Bob Prestby seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


Voice of the People:

Juanita Mast asked how the supervision of the DRE will work.  Janet responded that the DRE would report to her, but that the details will need to be ironed out.


Joy Schroeder shared concerns that the Leadership Board needs to establish a new mission and perhaps consider recruiting a developmental minister to help UCN rebuild and renew itself.  Karen shared that three different task forces were set up earlier this year to look at mission, consulting needs, and work of the church.  Jennifer Barton shared that some discussion of this topic will occur at the upcoming Leadership Retreat, and then, this can lay the groundwork for how to proceed with the congregation.


Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting:

Bob Prestby moved that the minutes from the previous meeting be accepted, with suggested corrections.  Jackie Oroczo seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Review of Reports:

Reports were reviewed and accepted by the Leadership Board members.


Funding for Minister’s Services:

Karen Ringlien shared that, when Rev. Julie Forest was the UCN minister, she did not charge a ministerial service fee for a funeral service for UCN members.  Now that UCN does not have a minister, a fee may be incurred to have a minister present for such a service.  Karen asked if the Leadership Board felt that, given the current circumstances, a ministerial fee should now be charged for funeral services for UCN members, or should UCN factor the costs of a minister into its budget and provide this service to UCN members?


Janet suggested that a set fee, or a suggested donation amount to the minister’s discretionary fund, be set for such services, since UCN is not in a financial situation to offer this service for free.  Katie added that, if a family were in a situation in which it could not afford the fee, perhaps this could be provided from funds in the minister’s discretionary fund.  Janet suggested that this topic be tabled for a future meeting.


Social Justice Committee Concerns:

The Social Justice Committee asked that UCN display visuals, whether it be murals or posters, of historical and prominent Unitarian Universalists of color in the building and sanctuary.  Janet brought this to the attention of the Leadership Board, but stated that further discussion of this topic will occur at a future meeting.


Facilities Use Update:

Jennifer Barton asked Leadership Board members to consider the direction to give Mike Thurow regarding rental inquiries and priorities and general facility maintenance.  Dean Johnson said he can make a checklist for entering and exiting for the person renting space at a given time at UCN, then share this with Mike.


Date for Board Retreat:

Janet suggested Saturday, August 15th as a date for the board retreat.  She and Jennifer Barton will e-mail further details, as they become available.


Other Business:

Bob shared that Constance had asked him if someone would be able to fill in, if she were off on a Sunday.  Jennifer Barton added that for Sundays in the summer, when Religious Education does not take place, it is difficult for Constance to supervise all of the children who come to services on Sundays in the summer.  It was suggested that the Religious Education Committee discuss this, but in the meantime, UCN utilize church members to volunteer to assist Constance.  Rosa Gomez will discuss this with Pat Flanagan.



Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Goetz


UCN Leadership Board Meeting Minutes

June 22, 2016


Present:  Ed Ahrenhoerster, Amber Elsner-Miller, Jennifer Barton, Peter Blain, Katie Egan-Bruhy, Jenny Elsner-Miller, Paul Gasser, Rosa Gomez, Janet Jensen, Mark Ludwig, Karen Ringlien, Joy Schroeder, Chuck Winter


Call to order:

Janet Jensen called the meeting to order at 6:45.


Chalice Lighting Reading and Check-In:  group reading from “Does Your Church Have a Soul?” from The Almost Church: Redefining Unitarian Universalism for a New Era (Michael Durall)


Open Forum:

No guests in attendance.


Review and approval of 19 May 2016 Minutes:

Minutes were approved with the addition of Katie Egan-Bruhy to members in attendance.


Leadership Acknowledgments:

Thanks to outgoing trustees Ruth Duenk, Rosa Gomez, Jenny Elsner-Miller

Welcome to newly elected trustees Peter Blain, Amber Elsner-Miller, Joy Schroeder; president-elect Ed Ahrenhoerster; Treasurer (re-elected) Bob Prestby; Financial Secretary John Hoff


Treasurer’s Report:  Bob Prestby was absent due to illness; Treasurer’s Report, Balance Sheet 5/31/16, and Budget vs. Actual YTD May 2016 were approved


Committee Reports:

Leadership List updated and will be shared with Lyn: remove Auction; move Facilities Use to  Building line / Brian Bunzel; omit Chalice Circle; omit Committee on Ministry; remove  Mike Arnow and subsume Endowments/Bequests in Finance (Katie Egan-Bruhy &  Nancy Neumann; Pledge Campaign chair tbd; remove Jennifer Barton from Nominating  (Jensen remains); Personnel – Supervision:  Jensen; Personnel – Contracts to Finance; Religious Education (Youth) – Jennifer Barton; Social Justice – chair is undetermined, need to confirm NAACP contact; Worship – seeking new chair as Chuck Winter needs to  reduce his responsibilities, Jensen replaces Ginny Chiaverina as Music Coordinator

Religious Education – Jennifer Barton reported that the DRE search committee has met twice  and that the job description is finalized; 4 interest inquiries to date; need to confirm   search budget and salary figures with Finance Committee

Membership – Rosa Gomez reported many returning visitors

Budget / Auction –agreement re. auction hiatus/discontinuation, however, the anticipated   auction revenue remains in the budget – will need to be replaced or resolved; discussion  of possible alternatives:  raffle, re-gifting & craft event, coordinate w/ All Souls Café, on-going silent auction, esp. of most popular offerings; Panera event; multiple smaller  events; Barn Dance; rummage/book sale

Finance – welcome John Hoff as incoming secretary

Social Justice – Jensen offered brief update on gallery

Nominations/Leadership Development – no additional report

Communications / Marketing – reminder re. Mequon-Thiensville parade 6/25/16                                         Worship – Chuck posed inquiry about lodging practices for visiting ministers & speakers;                                      practice seems to be mostly home stays


New Business:

Congregational survey and committees will be the foci of the August leadership  retreat

strategize committee functions and make sure that committees have board member liaisons

July meeting remains tentatively scheduled for 7/21/16, but this may be adjusted to accommodate DRE search


Chuck Winter presented past presidents Jennifer Barton and Janet Jensen with UUA gifts of appreciation, gratefully received!



Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Janet Jensen


Unitarian Church North Leadership Board Meeting

May 19, 2016

6:45 p.m.


Jennifer Barton (Co-president), Jackee Domoe-Orozco, Jenny Elsner-Miller, Paul Gasser

Jennifer Goetz (Secretary), Rosa Gomez, Janet Jensen (Co-president), Stephanie Loehr

Mark Ludwig, Bob Prestby (Treasurer), Karen Ringlien, Chuck Winter, Katie Egan-Bruhy

Others Present: Dean Johnson

Call to Order:

Janet Jensen called the meeting to order at 6:53 p.m.

Chalice Reading and Check-In:

Jennifer Barton, Paul Gasser, and Janet Jensen shared a responsive reading that they plan to use at the annual meeting on Sunday, May 22nd. Leadership board members “checked in” with one another.

Open Forum:

Dean Johnson brought in a handmade clock and plaque he made for a “thank you” gift for Pat and Cindy Kotecki for all of their efforts on behalf of the congregation’s community service project, Family Promise.

Review and Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes:

Minutes from the April Leadership Board Meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Bob Prestby shared that total revenues, before mortgage payments, were $30,233 ahead of expenses. With the mortgage expenses of $17,270, the positive cash flow for the fiscal year to the end of April is $12,963. Rental income is $3,000 over budget, which has been tremendously helpful, thanks to the efforts of Brian Bunzel. He shared that the congregation should meet budget, or come very close, this fiscal year.

Mark Ludwig asked if any funds would be available for upgrading the sound system, given the commitment to participate in the Focus on Energy project for energy-efficient LED lighting for the church. He has a quote for an upgrade to the sound system. Karen Ringlien shared that she thought that, for projects over $1,000, three different bids were required for consideration by the Finance Committee.

Membership Committee Update:

Rosa Gomez shared that UCN has had many new visitors to the church services. Many have shared positive comments about the speakers, as well as how welcoming members have been to them. The next Path to Membership classes will take place in the fall. Rosa and Brian Monroe continue to meet with visitors to share more about Unitarian Universalism and UCN. Improvements are also being made to the UCN website, particularly the links on the Membership page.

Congregational Survey:

Chuck Winter shared that work continues to finalize the congregational survey, with hopes of releasing it to the congregation for feedback in the next year. Janet shared that the taglines may be brainstormed, as well as options to share, at the annual meeting. Karen suggested having a tagboard outside of the sanctuary, where people can write their ideas for taglines as they come up with them over a designated amount of time.

Finance Committee Update:

Janet spoke with Lyn, who expressed concerns about the fax machine. Lyn expressed that it may be a good idea to get rid of the fax machine, since it is rarely used. Also, UCN incurs an additional cost for the dedicated phone line. However, Finance Committee members have expressed concerns about the security of sending financial documents, so UCN may just get rid of the dedicated phone line. When the fax needs to be used, it can be plugged in to the phone line.

Religious Education Update:

Jackee Domoe-Orozco shared that she may apply for the Religious Education Director position, so she is backing off of her commitment to co-chair the Religious Education Committee next year, due to the conflict of interest.

Worship Committee Update:

Chuck shared that the Worship Committee is searching for a chair for the next year. Janet shared that she and Ginny Chiaverina will be working together to handle the service music for the next year.


Janet shared that the nominations are in, and they are listed in the packet for the annual meeting on Sunday.

Program Council Meeting Update:

Paul Gasser shared that in the meeting, a realization hit that the church is overextended in its activities, in relation to the number of members able to help with church functions. He shared that a focus for the next year may be to focus on the priorities of the congregations in order to keep the congregation spiritually and emotionally healthy. The general consensus was that the committees should not consolidate, but that committees should consider their individual priorities, how these priorities fulfill the mission of the church, and possibly paring down activities.

Summer Dates:

Janet shared that Lyn requested dates for upcoming Leadership Board meetings for the summer. Dates will be determined after the annual meeting on Sunday.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Goetz

UCN Leadership Board Secretary


Unitarian Church North

Leadership Board Meeting

April 21, 2016

Present:  Jennifer Barton (Co-President), Katie Egan-Bruhy, Jenny Elsner-Miller, Paul Gasser, Jenny Goetz (Secretary), Rosa Gomez, Janet Jensen (Co-President), Mark Ludwig, Brain Monroe, Jackie Orozco-Domoe, Bob Prestby (Treasurer), Karen Ringlien, Chuck Winter

Others Present:  Brian Bunzel, Lucy Friedrichs, Dean Johnson

Call to Order:  the meeting was called to order at 6:45 pm

Chalice Lighting and Check-In:  Karen Ringlien Shared a reading with the group, and members “checked in” with one another.

Open Forum:  No one present wished to speak during the open forum this evening.

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes:  Karen Ringlien moved to accept the meeting minutes.  Bob Prestby seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Bob Prestby shared the Treasurer’s Report with Leadership Board members.  He reviewed the balance for the mortgage, and he stated that it would be up for refinancing next year.  Rental income was over budget this year, which has helped with the overall financial situation for this fiscal year.  Brain Bunzel has been instrumental in the increased rental income, and he has developed a brochure for potential renters, which he hopes will be available in print and online in the near future.

Lighting Upgrade Proposal:

Brian Bunzel shared an opportunity for UCN to become involved with the State of Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program.  If UCN submitted an application to upgrade the lighting to LED lighting, UCN could receive a rebate that would pay for $3,689 of the total cost of $8,129.  The projected recovery timeframe of the investment in the new lighting for the congregation would be about four years.  The Finance Committee has recommended moving forward with the project.  Rosa Gomez moved that UCN go forward with this lighting proposal.  Brian Monroe seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Search Committee for Religious Education Director:

Jennifer Barton shared the list for the Search Committee for the Religious Education Director.  It will include Jennifer Barton, Paul Gasser, Karen Ringlien, Rosa Gomez , and Judy Milbrath.

Membership Report:

Rosa Shared that three people recently completed the most recent Path to Membership class.  UCN has had many visitors to services in recent months, especially during the recent series of sermons by Drew Kennedy.

Annual Meeting:

Chuck Winter shared that the Barn Banter for the upcoming fiscal year’s budget will take place on Sunday, May 1st, and UCN’s Annual Meeting will take place on Sunday, May 22nd.

Social Justice Committee and Black Lives Matter:

Lucy Friedrichs came to follow up with Leadership Board members regarding actions and a position statement to support the Black Lives Matter movement.  Lucy added that the position statement could be shared with the congregation, in order to provide some leadership on the topic of this movement with the congregation.  Rosa suggested that it may be helpful to have cultural awareness training brought to the congregation, and that the congregation should become more engaged with Milwaukee County, as well as Ozaukee County.  She added that panel discussions may be a useful tool.  Lucy stated that the Social Justice Committee would organize relevant events, but would like the public support of the Leadership Board.

Jackie proposed the following addition to the position statement, to read as follows:  “The Leadership Board of UCN supports the 2015 UUA General Assembly Action of Immediate Witness on “Black Lives Matter” and strongly encourages engagement in intentional learning spaces for improved cultural awareness.  Pursuant to this, we encourage our congregation to take this challenge within our church, within the network of local UU churches, within our personal circles of acquaintance, and within the wider community.”  Jennifer Barton moved to accept the Black Lives Matter position statement developed by the Social Justice Committee, with proposed wording changes.  Bob Prestby seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Nomination Committee Update:

Janet Jensen will be chairing the Nomination Committee for the upcoming year.  A President-elect has been nominated.  The Committee is working on securing nominations for trustees on the Leadership Board.

Revised Flag Plans:  Jennifer Barton moved that Brian may put up flags on UCN property, in accordance with the ordinances for the city of Mequon and at the direction of UCN committees.  Katie Egan-Bruhy seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Upcoming Funeral Service:

Mark Ludwig shared that a nonmember memorial service was scheduled for Saturday, April 30th from 1 to 5 p.m.  Mark was looking for a second person to help assist with opening and closing the building and other issues that may arise.  Brian Bunzel volunteered to assist with the service.

Meeting Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 8:39 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Goetz


Unitarian Church North

Leadership Board Meeting

17 March 2016



Jennifer Barton (Co-President), Janet Jensen (Co-President), Stephanie Loehr, Mark Ludwig Jackee Orozco-Domoe, Bob Prestby (Treasurer), Karen Ringlien, Chuck Winter, Paul Gasser & Ruth Duenk, Brian Monroe


Katie Egan-Bruhy, Jenny Elsner-Miller, Jenny Goetz (Secretary), Rosa Gomez


Dean Johnson, Lucy Friedrichs, Pat Flanagan


6:55 Chalice Lighting and Check-In:

Janet shared a reading.

7:10 Open Forum:

No comments. Lucy Friedrichs will defer comments until the Social Justice Committee Report.

7:12 Approval of the 17 February Meeting Minutes:

Janet called the meeting to order. Bob P moved to accept the previous meeting minutes. Jackie seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Bob Prestby reviewed the Balance sheet and asked if Trustees knew where to find the amount that we still owed on the property? He led us to the long-term liability line on the balance sheet showing a balance of $493,581.89. He mentioned that we’d need to refinance the bank note again next year. Bob reviewed the Treasurer’s Report and asked if there were any questions.

  • The fundraising shows a (-$4.2K) due to spreading the annual budget over a 12-month period. Budget for 4 June 2016 auction is $11K (same as prior years).
  • Pledge budget for last year about $160K
  • Pledges for ’16-’17 are not completely in and we have about 25 members who have not pledged as of yet and we are only at $140K (Note: that represents 20-25% of members. This is a higher number than in prior years.) Need to follow up with those who have not pledged so that Finance can create a budget for next year.



Religious Education Update:

Jennifer Barton read R.E. Director Deborah Fugenschuh’s resignation letter (see attached copy). Her last day will be June 14th. Janet will contact Deborah to find out how she wants to share this information with parents and members (announcement from the pulpit & Friday Flyer). Deborah wants to continue as a member and stay on the RE Committee.


Outgoing RE Committee Chairs Pat Flanagan & Betsy Muellenbach met with Deborah and   discussed different options find a replacement part-time R.E. Director. Pat provided a handout and asked the BOD for recommendations.


  • Lay led/Volunteer only
  • Share/sub-contract with another UU Church
  • Search for another part-time R.E. Director (start with postings and follow up with prior applicants)

We do not have a Personnel (HR) Chair, but Karen R & Helen M still have hiring info from past member Juanita Mast. Jenny & Jackie are the new RE Committee Chairs. Jennifer read by-laws the “Search” is a board decision –based on Article IX Sec. 2.

Jackie made the motion to start the search process, where as the UCN congregation has prioritisd of having a RE Director. Seconded by Janet Jensen. The vote to approve the motion was unanimous.

At the next BOD meeting we will have the search committee named. We will also know what our budget will be for a R.E. Director by then.

On-going business/Committee Reports:


Membership Committee Update:  Brian Monroe Co-Chair


Spring P2M class scheduled 20 March and 3 April. 5 people have signed up (4 potential members and one current member).

The UCN Directory has been updated with two sections: Current Members & Pledging Friends.

No further work on an electronic pictorial directory.

Waiting for leadership direction on member survey.

Concern about non-members serving as a Chair of Committee. According to by-laws non-members may serve on committees, but not serve as a Chair. Karen R volunteered to talk to a non-member who has been leading a sub-committee and will report back at next BOD meeting.

Concern with non-member making (acting with props) a strong political statement at the 13 March service’s “Joys & Sorrows”. Worship Committee will remind all from the pulpit on those days about the “Joys & Sorrow” protocol. Question was raised about developing a plan to ensure safety and security and making sure that we know the contents of boxes brought into the sanctuary.

Social Justice Committee Update:  Lucy Friedrichs

Lucy provided a two-sided handout about “Black Lives Matter” movement. Side one outlines a request to the Leadership BOD to address and support this issue as it relates to our congregation as a whole. Links to websites were provided and examples of what UUW and FUSM are doing locally.

Side two (see attached) is from UUA. The Social Justice Committee respectfully asks that the BOD adopt or create a statement of support for the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Lucy also provided a handout that listed possible actions to show support (see attached).

Jennifer B asked that this motion be held over until the 21 April BOD meeting. Jennifer asked members review all of this material before the 21 April BOD meeting.

Gallery updates:

No updates to report.

Nominations Committee Update:

Karen Ringlien shared that current committee chairs had been contacted for input.  Currently, the committee is searching for a president-elect, as well as a chair for the Personnel and Worship Committees.

Communications / Marketing / Grounds:

Janet outlined the revised flag plans and that Brian Bunzel will install flags on some of the existing metal light poles starting with the poles closest to the playground. The feedback will determine how this project will evolve and expand.

Bulletin boards:

The consensus is that the new bulletin boards look great and have been well received.

Leadership Service and Annual Meeting:

Chuck Winter shared that a tentative date of 29 May has been suggested for a Sunday service from the church leadership regarding the state and future of UCN, followed by the congregation’s annual meeting.

Since this date is during the Memorial Day holiday weekend, and many Leadership Board members expressed concern over attendance during a holiday weekend, it was decided that it would be moved to 15 May. Much has to be done to move guest speakers and to plan a Barn Banter on 1 May, as well as small-group listening sessions and distribute a survey, to receive feedback from church members about their impressions of church life and their vision for the future of UCN.

IT & Website:

Paul Gasser mentioned that Kristin has resolved the IT issues. Members who have visited our new website are impressed with the new look and feel. Kristin has limited time to work on additional updates due to her increasing workload responsibilities. Bob mentioned that we are very grateful for her time and contributions.


Brian mentioned that our subcontractor accompanist Eric W is listed as a staff member. Janet agrees that this needs to be corrected, since the only staff of UCN are Lyn and Deborah. Anna is not listed at all.

UCN Open House:

Janet Jensen shared that she received a suggestion for UCN to hold an open house, with a barn dance, in order to attract individuals in the community to the church.  Ruth recommended this as a Fall event which allow time for planning.


8:50    New Business / Looking forward:

Bob P to forward info on Governance Webinars 3/24 & 3/31. Encourages Leadership BOD to participate. This could be set up at UCN to view.


Chuck going to UU Regional Assembly in MN 4/29 & 4/30


Chuck to follow up with Jennifer G on survey discussion & review Rev. Kennedy survey results.


Scheduling listening sessions & Chalice Circles- No discussion


Dean Johnson reminded BOD that FP is starting on 3.20 and that we still need additional volunteers (2-5 guests). Please sign up on volunteer spreadsheet.


Consolidation of Church Committees:

Janet suggested that she would continue to look into ways to consolidate committees. No new action to report.



Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Brian Monroe



Unitarian Church North

Leadership Board Meeting

February 18, 2016



Jennifer Barton (Co-President)                 Katie Egan-Bruhy

Jenny Elsner-Miller                                     Jenny Goetz (Secretary)

Rosa Gomez                                                 Janet Jensen (Co-President)

Stephanie Loehr                                          Mark Ludwig

Jackie Orozco-Domoe                                 Bob Prestby (Treasurer)

Karen Ringlien                                             Chuck Winter


Chalice Lighting and Check-In:

Jennifer Barton shared a reading with the group, and members “checked in” with one another.


Open Forum:

No guests were present for Open Forum, so Open Forum was not held during this meeting.


Approval of the Previous Meeting Minutes:

Bob Prestby moved to accept the previous meeting minutes.  Karen Ringlien seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


Finance 101 – Instruction for Reading and Interpreting Financial Documents:

Bob Prestby conducted a short presentation for Leadership Board members regarding how to read and interpret financial documents.  He reviewed key terms and principles that board members must understand when looking at financial documents related to the congregation.


Treasurer’s Report:

Bob Prestby reviewed the Treasurer’s Report with Leadership Board members.  Bob shared that the total offering for the month of January was strong, due to interesting services and speakers for the services that month.  He shared his opinion that the congregation was on solid ground for the remainder of this fiscal year, which ends in July 2016.


Religious Education Update:

Jennifer Barton shared that parents met recently with Deborah Fugenschuh, the Religious Education Director, to discuss the future of religious education in the congregation.    An idea shared was to engage the children in more collective activities with children across age groups to increase the sense of community and increased socialization.  Jackie Orozco-Domoe has agreed to serve as the Leadership Board liason for Religious Education.  Another session will be held in the near future.


Leadership Service and Annual Meeting:

Chuck Winter shared that a tentative date of May 29th has been suggested for a Sunday service from the church leadership regarding the state and future of UCN, followed by the congregation’s annual meeting.  This date is during the Memorial Day holiday weekend, and many Leadership Board members expressed concern over attendance during a holiday weekend.  May 1st and May 15th are possible dates, as well.  He stated that the plan would be to hold a Barn Banter, as well as small-group listening sessions and distribute a survey, to receive feedback from church members about their impressions of church life and their vision for the future of UCN.


UCN Open House:

Janet Jensen shared that she received a suggestion for UCN to hold an open house, with a barn dance, in order to attract individuals in the community to the church.


Nominations Committee Update:

Karen Ringlien shared that current committee chairs had been contacted for input.  Currently, the committee is searching for a president-elect, as well as a chair for the Personnel and Worship Committees.


Membership Committee Update:

Rosa Gomez shared that the committee had several proposals to share with the Leadership Board.

The Membership Committee proposed removing individuals still listed as church members who have not pledged or come to church from the UCN membership roster.  Letters were sent to these individuals asking if they would like to continue as members of the church.  Rosa shared the list of individuals who the commmittee has attempted to contact.

Rosa moved that members that have not pledged or responded to attempted contact by UCN be removed from the membership list.  Bob Prestby seconded the motion.  After a brief discussion, Jackie Orozco-Domoe moved to call the question.  Motion passed.

Rosa moved that the Membership Directory include a section for pledging friends of UCN.  Katie Egan-Bruhy seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Rosa moved that the Membership Committee work with other appropriate committees to explore a tagline for UCN, which congregaton members can vote upon at the annual meeting.  Jackie Orozco-Domoe seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


IRS Guidelines for Service and In-Kind Donations to UCN:

Katie Egan-Bruhy shared an update on this issue.  Individuals may not deduct the cost of the service they provide, but individuals may deduct mileage or other associated expenses.


Consolidation of Church Committees:

Janet suggested that it may make sense to consolidate certain committees, as well as prepare a chart showing the amount of time needed for a commitment to service on each committee.  Further discussion will need to take place regarding this issue.


Worship Scheduler:

Janet shared that it may make sense to hire an individual to serve as worship scheduler.  Janet spoke with Lyn, who may be willing to take on additional responsibility.  Further discussion will need to take place regarding this issue.



Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Goetz



Unitarian Church North

Leadership Board Meeting

December 17, 2015


Present – Board: Janet Jensen (co-president), Rosa Gomez, Ruth Duenk, Jenny Elsner-Miller, Chuck Winter, Mark Ludwig, Brian Monroe, Paul Gasser, Bob Prestby, Karen Ringlien, and Katie Egan-Bruhy; Guest(s): Dean Johnson


Chalice Lighting and Check In

  • Check in Topic – Suggestions on how to greet visitors – be welcoming; avoid prying or loaded questions, inquire as to how they liked the service…


Co-President Thoughts/Goals

  • Bringing in New Members
  • Being clear regarding and following through on action items in notes and agenda
  • While our focus is currently on the short term, we must not lose sight of our long-term goals


Open Forum

  • No comments



  • Approved with minor revisions – Motion by Bob P., seconded by Janet J.
  • Action Item(s) – Janet to follow up with Communications Committee regarding payment of Mequon Chamber of Commerce Fee


Treasurers Report

  • Pledges above budget estimate due to several pledges being paid in full
  • Fund Raising above budget due to Equal Exchange
  • Net cash flow is in the positive!
  • Motion to approve budget report – Katie E.B., seconded by Chuck W.


Committee Updates

  • Worship
    • Response to services has been very positive
  • Membership
    • Six new members signed membership book and made a pledge
    • Looking at Weblink service to attract additional members
  • Pastoral Care
    • Bob Bledsoe – provided training to committee members, another training is scheduled for March
    • Survey of members to identify concerns moving forward, scheduled to be done January
    • Holiday cards have been sent to members who have experienced losses this past year
  • Children’s RE
    • Looking at advertising – perhaps tear offs at coffee houses and other venues, as well as Facebook – focus on advertising more inclusive understanding of faith traditions including earth-centered
    • Parent group has been established to discuss curriculum and promote volunteerism
    • Action Item – Invite Deborah to next Board Meeting
  • Rentals
    • Anna is interested in renting Whitney Young Room @ $125/mo.
    • No word on interest in other rental spaces


Powell Baby Grand Piano to reside at UCN until sold

  • Janet discussed advantages of having another grand piano – for auditory aesthetics and potential concerts and recitals
  • Opposition – based on Designated Donation Policy which indicates the church would have to have authority to sell, concern also regarding additional expense for tuning, insurance and spider dolly
  • Action Item – Janet to notify Rob Powell of Board decision not to take on piano


Update on New Accompanist

  • Eric Wh- etmore Unitarian moving from another congregation
  • Position is as subcontractor, not employee



  • Recommendation that John Hoff (past president) chair nominations committee
  • Action Item – Janet J. to request he serve in this capacity


New Business

  • Brian Monroe noted Family Promise Committee considering inviting Peter Mayer for fundraising event
  • Finance Committee is taking on Pledge Campaign
  • Midwest Region of UUA (?) offering $500 for attendance to Annual Meeting in Columbus in June or $250 for two member to attend regional meetings in St. Paul
  • Mary Devitt is presenting a Sat Service at First Church Sat. Jan 16, 2016 for Black Lives Matter