Flower Communion, Jackee Orozco (D.R.E.) & Friends

“Flowers themselves are newcomers on the Earth. For in the beginning, millions of years ago, there were no flowers. There were ferns. There were fungi. There were dull, mossy-colored plants that spread and reproduced by means of spores. But there were no orchids or azaleas, no blossoms of apple or peach or pear, no fields of grass or daisies or brightly colored wildflowers.”    – Gary Kowalski
Is it really any wonder why flowers provide us with so much hope?!?  Please join us as we celebrate this beautiful UU tradition.  Flower communion was first celebrated on June 4, 1923, by a Unitarian minister in Czechoslovakia in an effort to bring his congregation closer together. Please bring a flower, and join us in our continued efforts to encounter unity, strength, and beauty in the diversity of our community.