Parson to Person: “The Difference Between a Tomb and a Womb,” June 19, 2020

As we look at the controversy around COVID restrictions (when to open up businesses, when to wear a mask, etc.) and around the news stories about police brutality against people of color–it’s clear our nation is in an excruciating place right now.

Some white people are surprised at the systemic racism that has been highlighted in the news. “I never knew this was happening,” they say.

Some black people are saying, “What do you mean, ‘surprised’? This has been OUR reality for decades. Where have you been all this time?”

And still others are saying there is no systemic racism–just a few “bad apples.”

Our country seems to be more divided today than it has been for a long time–yet we also see some glimmers of hope…and possibly even solutions arising out of the rubble.

Will we really come out stronger when (if?) we get to the other side? Or are we on a roller-coaster ride with no clear end in sight, so hang on tight and cross your fingers?

I think the truth is that we will come out DIFFERENT as a result of this experience. Whether we come out BETTER (or not) we cannot know at this time. But I take comfort in the following words I came upon recently (whose author I do not know):

A Tomb or a Womb?

A tomb is dark; a womb is dark.

But there’s a difference.

One is for death; one is for new life.


We’re in a dark place now.

Will it be a tomb

or a womb?

The answer is in our hands.


peace and unrest,